Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obama: Our AWOL President; Hollywood Raffling Off The President; Astrologers Predict Obama Will Win; Holder's DOJ To Monitor Walker Recall Vote; So Now We Tow Our Space Shuttles?

Tiger Woods Back Again After Being Back From Being Back...The Onion's Sports Headline

  • We all know every politician spends a lot of time fundraising. So do our presidents. Pres. Obama, on the other hand, has taken fundraising to extremes. It begs to ask the question: Is he our first AWOL president? I believe the data suggests he is. To date, Pres. Obama has held 147 fundraisers. In comparison, Clinton held 14 during the same time period and George W. Bush 57 in 2004. Bush 1 held 19 in 1992. Obama has made 20 fundraising trips to NYC alone attending 40 fundraisers. Just a few days ago, he attended 6 fundraisers in one day.

  • Moreover, the fundraisers have been attended by only the 1% (where are you Occupiers?). If you want to attend any of these, it'll set you back about 40 grand. And if you want creepy, last night he attended a concert in NYC entitled, "Barack on Broadway."
  • Even more creepy, there are ads, one with Sarah Jessica Parker, informing the public they can win a dinner with her, her friends and the president. So now, we're raffling off the president? This should make every American shutter. I doubt we can get any lower. But, then again, he appears to be the president of only some of us, not all of us. And the "some of us" need some deep pockets to be part of that club.
  • John Podhoretz described those ads best when he wrote today those ads inform the nation of a dinner to which the nation will not be invited.

  • This all leaves me with the impression Obama does not like governing. He likes campaigning because the applause's keep feeding his ego.

  • So he leaves the hard lifting to Slo Joe Biden. God help us!
  • The Washington Post even took a jab at all of Obama's fundraisers with the really, really rich. They point out, "Obama's glamorous elbow-rubbing carries significant risks as he struggles to convince voters he is focused single-mindedly on their economic concerns."
  • And how bad is it when even Maureen Dowd of the NY Times and one of the major knee-pad media suck-ups to Obama throws him under the bus as she did this week. She wrote, "The president who started off with such dazzle now seems incapable of stimulating the economy or the voters..." However, true to the usual knee-pad media's claptrap, later in the piece she makes excuses for the president's poor campaigning

  • In case you missed the news last week, a panel of renowned astrologers (meaning a panel of fake, phonies and frauds) predicted Obama will win. USA TODAY

  • It took me a few minutes to stop laughing. It was reported earlier today that Eric Holder's Dept. of Justice will be monitoring the Walker Recall vote today. This is the same DOJ that gave the New Black Panthers a pass after they threatened voters in Philadelphia in 2008. (that's an actual image above of those creeps and cowards outside the voting area with batons in hand. That image should make every American vomit).
  • As of this writing, the recall vote is too close to call. Most polling is falling in or just outside the margin of error.
  • I think Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said it best about Republicans and Democrats and the economy, "Republicans and Democrats must start compromising over how much we have to cut, not how much we want to spend."

  • How low has our space program fallen? The image of the space shuttle being towed to The Intrepid in NYC should speak volumes for what has happened to NASA in recent years. On top of this, the shuttle was damaged in transport.

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