Monday, June 4, 2012

Many Americans Still Falling For Obama's Smoke and Mirrors; Job Gains Were Actually Smaller Than First Reported; Green Revolution Bust; Romney Needs To Take On The Big Issues; Will Scott Walker Survive?; Global Economic News Bad, Very Bad; Midway Anniversary This Week

Orioles, We Have Enough Talent To Win Five More Games This Season...The Onion's Sports.

  • I still continue to be amazed at how many Americans still fall for the Obama administration's smoke and mirrors (or 3 Card Monty as I've written about on several occasions). As of today, most polls still show this race is locked in a dead heat although the race will probably be determined by about 10% of voters. Many of these include independents. Considering the failure of the stimulus program, ObamaCare, the "shovel ready" jobs fraud, the "green jobs" fraud and, of course, the high unemployment just to name a few (check out my previous post for more on this), one can't help but ask: What the f^ck are they thinking?
  • In fact, Charles Gasparino of Fox Business wrote what I've been writing about now for weeks: "...he's {Obama} is offering the same excuses, the same 'solutions' and whatever distractions he can come up with."
  • And what does the Obama administration come up with to deal with these economic challenges?----the Buffet Tax rule.
  • At this time in Pres. Reagan's tenure (who came in during a recession), the economy grew by 7%. At this time in Obama's presidency?---a whopping 1.9%.
  • And did you know the government lowered the estimates of job gains for March and April? In other words, the numbers they were so proud of actually were not accurate.
  • One more thing, the  number of long-term unemployed INCREASED from 41.3% to 42.8%. Oh, and the rate of underemployment---those working part-time but want full-time jobs---also increased.

  • How much of a failure has the "green revolution" been so far? In the 2000's, Spain went on a green binge. In 2009, they discovered the country destroyed 2.2 jobs in other industries for every green job created.  In 2009, the Obama administration poured over a $ billion to American companies to make advanced batteries for electric vehicles. We're about half-way into a six year program and goal of producing one million electric vehicles. To date, we're produced about 50,000---meaning only 950,000 to go. WSJ.  Right now, most Americans are figuring out the green revolution is not worth the cost. In the future, things might change. But now---we can't afford it.
  • While the Obama campaign appears to be going off a cliff (who is the yo-yo in the Obama campaign who thought it would be a good idea to pick a fight with the Catholic Church that has over 70 million parishioners? Or who thought it would be a good idea to go after Bain Capital when so many Americans and businesses rely on capital infusion from companies like Bain? ---even many high profile democrats thought it was a bad move), Romney needs to come out swinging.  As Peggy Noonan pointed out so well in her column this week, "Romney should be talking about the big things, taxing and spending, and offering a plan on both..." She's absolutely right.
  • On the other hand, it's important to point out the Romney campaign has done very well in responding to Obama campaign attack ads. Unlike the McCain people, Romney's team hits back hard and immediately.

  • Will Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survive his recall vote this week? Right now, he leads in polls showing he might pull this out. This would be significant considering unions have poured millions into having him removed from office. And the Occupy Wall Street misfits, felons and cowards took part in the protests. Several reasons might account for Walker's narrow lead. His economic policies appear to have worked. Although Pres. Obama won the state in 2008, he's remained clear of the state during this period instead sending surrogates like Bill Clinton (a strong sign of desperation on the part of the Obama campaign. And, if Pres. Obama's likeability is so high, why is he staying away from Wisconsin? He's staying away because he's not as well liked as the knee-pad media wants us to think, that's why).
  • If you recall, during the protests last year against Walker, over $7 million damage was done to the Capitol by union protesters  and occupiers after they occupied the Capitol. In addition, Wisconsin legislators left the state in protest (a bunch of cowards). This will be one recall vote to follow closely. It might have implications for the national election next November.

  • As we struggle with our economy, the global economic news continues to be bad. CNBC is now reporting that the Tokyo Stock Exchange hit a 28 year low today. Spain and Greece appear to be imploding. It's so bad; the Eurozone countries are wondering if they can keep it all together. In fact, Bloomberg News is now reporting that France is putting more pressure on Germany for more help---meaning another infusion of cash---to banks, not governments. And some are predicting, once the crisis is over, retirement age in Europe will be pushed to 70, perhaps even 80 years of age.
  • As the rest of the knee-pad media celebrate the 23 anniversary of Tinammen Square, The Political War Zone celebrates the anniversary of one of our Navy's greatest victories---The Battle of Midway, June, 4, 1942.  Not only did we avenge Pearl Harbor, but Midway led to turning the tide of the war in the Pacific in our favor.  At Midway, Japan lost four of their aircraft carriers, several cruisers and almost 250 aircraft. We lost the Yorktown, one destroyer and about 150 aircraft. We also lost 305 sailors. 

  • But there is some bad news for us today. At the time of Midway, the United States had almost 600 active duty ships. We now have about 285 or a fleet about the size of our fleet in WWI. And this administration's planned defense cuts will shrink our fleet by about another 60 ships.