Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why, Mr. President, Why?

"Pres. Obama released his new campaign slogan---'Forward.' That's a good message for Obama. He's telling voters, 'Whatever you do, don't look back at all those campaign promises I made.'" Leno

One of the most powerful words in the English language is Why. I like to ask questions beginning with Why because Why, in itself, poses many other questions. As I thought about this word this weekend, I asked myself what questions beginning with Why I would ask Pres. Obama if I had the opportunity. The following came to mind:

  • Mr. President, why---when the unemployment rate was over 10% and your party had complete control of Congress---did you spend over one year on health care legislation?
  • Mr. President, after spending so much time on health insurance, why are over 50% of Americans not covered by health insurance?
  • Mr. President, why did you break so many of your campaign promises starting with your proclaiming you would close Gitmo?
  • Mr. President, why did you appoint someone as Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS who had not paid his own taxes?
  • Mr. President, why do you continue to follow the same course on correcting the economy when your plan is obviously not working?
  • Mr. President, why did you and your administration tell the American people if the stimulus was passed, unemployment would be under 8% by now?
  • Mr. President, why would you and your administration not be concerned about the highest poverty levels in our country  including some of the highest rates of Americans getting food stamps in decades?
  • Mr. President, why would you tolerate 1 in 2 college graduates unable to find employment today?
  • Mr. President, why would you tolerate black unemployment now at about 16%?
  • Why did you keep spending so much after the stimulus proved to be a bust?
  • Mr. President why has Congress not passed your budget for 3 years? And why has not even one member of your own party supported your budget proposals?
  • Mr. President, with all of the bad economic news, why would you consider same-sex marriage a priority now?
  • Mr. President, why don't you accept any responsibility?
  • Mr. President, why do you keep blaming the previous administration (you even admitted you own this economy)?
  • Mr. President, why have you tolerated so much damage to the country because of the current economic policies? (Even if the economy were to turn around, the damage caused will last for decades).
  • Mr. President, why is Eric Holder still the Attorney General of the United States?
  • Mr. President, why is the Democratically controlled Senate considered one of the laziest in the last two decades?
  • Mr. President, why did you hire Van Jones, a avowed Communist, as your Green Energy Czar?
  • Mr. President, why did you pump billions of dollars in tax payer money in green companies like Solyndra, Everygreen, Fisker automotive and many others after your administration knew they were failing.?
  • Mr. President, why do you keep saying the rich need to pay their fare share when they already pay most of the taxes in America?
  • Mr. President why do you keep dividing the country rather than bringing the country together?
  • Mr. President why do you have such a large enemies list such as businesses, oil, coal, insurance companies, the Catholic Church, the auto industry and countless others?
  • Mr. President, why, as reported in Politico, have top donors to you been given plumb government jobs?
  • Mr. President, as you demonize Wall Street, why have you hired so many Wall Street and banking industry veterans?
  • Mr. President, in line with your enemies list, why do you keep relying on class warfare? (Your the one who preached "civility" to the country in the first place).
  • Mr. President, why are there so many leaks coming out of the White House as evidenced after the killing of bin-Laden and the latest leaks regarding the computer virus that was launched against Iran?
  • Mr. President, why would you risk your own country's security by leaking so much information to the press, especially The New York Times?
  • Mr. President, why---when the price of fuel was over $4 a gallon in many parts of the country---did you shut down the Keystone Oil Pipeline?
  • Mr. President, why have you done so little about illegal immigration?
  • Mr. President, why were you so tough on Libya (that was good) but so weak on Syria and Iran?
  • Mr. President, why has your administration treated two of our most valued allies, Israel and Poland so shabbily?
  • Mr. President, why would you have allowed the War on Terror be called by the ludicrous phrase, "Overseas Contingency Operations" and terrorist attacks as "Man Caused Disasters?" (I might add, a very sexist designation).
  • Mr. President, why would you have your Homeland Security Secretary designate veterans as potential terrorists just because many believe in gun rights and oppose illegal immigration?
  • Mr. President, why did you and your party support the misfits, felons, and cowards in the Occupy Wall Street movement yet vilify The Tea Party?
  • Mr. President, why did you deny American exceptionalism?
  • Mr. President, why have you not proposed any policies for bringing down our debt now approaching $16 trillion?
  • Mr. President, you tout your interest in improving education, then why did you shut down the D.C. school voucher system that helped so many poor children receive a better education?
  • Mr. President, why have you lied to the American people so often?
Mr. President, there are dozens  more questions I would like to ask especially regarding our foreign policy and the War on Terror, but the questions above, I believe, are a good starting point. We can wait for your answers. After all, you have about 6 months left to answer those questions.