Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama Campaign Going Off A Cliff?; Dismal Unemployment & Employment Numbers; Romney's Speech At Solyndra Site; Edwards Joins The Slimeball Club; CNN Tanks

President Obama will begin a three state bus tour. I believe the three states are confusion, delusion and desperation...Leno

  • There can be no doubt now that the Obama campaign handlers are panicking. It appears the campaign is going off a cliff. As many know by now, unemployment ticked up to 8.2%, the weakest in a year. On top of that data, only 68,000 jobs were created. Do the math. There are 50 states (unless you believe the president who said there were 57, but I'm counting the stars on our great flag). Divide 50 into 68,000 and you come up with just an average per state of just over 1,300 jobs per state. That's not bad. That's dismal.
  • Those numbers were on the tail of horrible economic numbers yesterday with first-time unemployment claims bumping up AGAIN. The GNP came in at a paltry 1.9%.
  • On top of all this, the stock market posted its worse day since last May.

  • So pray tell us. How will these horrific numbers be spinned now? For many of the sheep, emotion will still trump logic, just like it did in 2008. Let's face facts. In 2008, many Americans fell for the "hope" illusion. They just didn't sit down and try to predict the "change" even though many, like moi, were saying: "Hey, think about this for a moment. He's not what you think he is."
  • And now even many Democrats, including leading Democrats, are panicking. Just consider how many Obama attacks upon Romney have failed miserably. Take the Bain attack ads. Leading Democrats criticized the Obama campaign for those ads. Yesterday, Dave Axelrod, Obama's leading strategist, was booed in Boston of all places (it was a largely pro-Romney crowd, but it was Boston for God's sake---the bluest of blue cities in America). Just two days ago, at an important and distinguished event---awarding the Medal of Freedom to a heroic Pole---he insults Poles (remember, he started out on the wrong foot with Poles 3 years ago when he revoked the missile defense shield on the 70th anniversary of the Hitler-Stalin pact that carved up Poland between Germany and Russia. In addition, on the day of the funeral of the Polish president who had died in a plane crash, Obama was golfing---they said bad weather prevented the president from going to Poland. Moreover, Lech Walesa was not invited to the ceremony. As one commentator note it might be because Walesa actually earned the Noble Peace Prize).
  • Even Bill Clinton came out yesterday and proclaimed Romney's business record at Bain Capital was "sterling." (Remember, in 2008, the Obama campaign called Bubba a racist. I have a feeling Clinton has not forgotten that attack. It's also about the money. I'll bet donuts to whatever, that Bubba makes big bucks off private equity firms). Oh, lest I forget, Bubba also said Romney is qualified to be president---ouch!

  • So with the economy imploding again, what does our president do? He's going out to six fundraisers in one day! But then the Obama campaign can always send out Slo Joe Biden to spin the bad news.

  • I have to give it to the Romney campaign. Good move yesterday. He stood at the site of the Solyndra building and reminded Americans: "It's a symbol not of success, but of failure...It's also a symbol of a serious conflict of interest. And independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded that the administration had steered money to friends and family---to campaign contributors..." ABC News
  • The only thing I will say about the outcome of the John Edward's trial is what the headline on the NY Post is today: "Still Guilty: Of Being A Cheating, Lying, Disgraceful, Father And Human Being." That's all you need to know about that pig.
  • Edwards now joins an elite club who are made up of Bernie Madoff, Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky, Tiger Woods among a few---the slimeball club

  • Several days ago, we reported on how bad the ratings were for CNN and the other lefty networks. Yesterday the numbers came out for CNN---they hit a 20 year low, averaging only 350,000 viewers. Folks, more people use the trains at Penn Station in a couple of hours than watch that network now.

  • (By the way, yesterday I was right about the "Hatfield's and McCoy's. It was the highest rated mini-series in History Channel in the network's history. Now keep your eyes on "Longmire." The show will premiere on A+E this Sunday at 10 a.m. Reminds me a little of "Justified," another outstanding show).

  • The Nanny Mayor of NYC, Bloomberg, now wants to get rid of high calorie drinks in the city because so many New Yorkers are obese. I have some other suggestions. How about we suggest that Americans consider giving up watching all those Food Network shows with fat cooks (excuse me, chefs. I have to be honest here. I do like that Anthony guy's show on the Food Network)? Or restaurants super-sizing everything?  Or just suggesting Americans exercise more and get up from their computers, video games and TV's and just work out a bit more? Don't ban stuff. That rarely works. Because if you start banning high-calorie sodas, what's next? Donuts, Big Macs, ice cream, chips, etc.?