Friday, August 10, 2012

Myth: That Obama Is A Nice Guy; How Much Lower Can The Obama Campaign Go?; Good Vibrations Back On NY City Streets; Bolt Bolts; U.S. Women Olympians Keep Kicking Arse: Soccer And Water Polo Teams Take Golds

'Romney Murdered JonBenet Ramsey,' New Obama Campaign Alleges...The Onion

  • Let's get something out of the way: It's a myth that Obama is a nice guy (and this is also directed at many Republicans and Conservatives out there who keep declaring this nonsense. You don't need to preface every statement on TV and radio with "Obama is a nice guy but...Stop it already!) . Where's the evidence Obama is a nice guy? There is none with one exception. He does appear to be a good father.

  • We know politics is a dirty game. It's played by many ethically challenged individuals as evidenced by the Obama campaign, a campaign that blatantly uses political terrorism as well as economic terrorism  as weapons. It's an administration that has ravaged and damaged a great nation. It's also ruined the dreams of future generations.

  • But back to my initial questions. What's nice about you and your surrogates asserting bold-faced lies about your opponent? What's nice about calling your opponent a felon? What's nice about calling your opponent someone who abuses animals? What's nice about asserting your opponent is directly responsible for someone's death? All of those assertions and more are nothing more than unethical low blows.
  • And if you think the Obama campaign and surrogates can't get any lower, there is a piece out there already trying to tie Romney to the El Salvatore death squads (Gateway Pundit reported). The truth is they have not hit bottom yet. Wait until September rolls around. We have not seen anything yet.
  • But, having made my assertions, I'm also left with questions for the voters of America when I still see many polls that show Obama's favorability ratings at over 50% (52% in the most recent CNN poll) and Romney's favorability ratings at 47%.(and of the ten major polling firms, Romney only leads in two: Rasmussen and CBS/NY Times as of today).

  • Are many voters in America just stupid? Are they fools? Are they masochistic? Are these polls bogus? Is Romney just a lousy candidate? Are all these diversions and distractions working?

  • I'm left with asking myself these questions when the evidence is overwhelming (just looking at the economic conditions of the country alone), the Obama administration's tenure has been a dismal failure. Yes, that's my opinion, but it's an opinion based on clear and irrefutable facts.

  • Good vibrations are back! Yesterday it was reported NY City officials put the kibosh to Trojan giving away free vibrators. Well, guess who came to the rescue? Nanny Bloomberg of all people.  After the company paid a permit fee of $3,100, Trojan was allowed to give away free vibrators again. "And electric atmosphere pulsed up and down 14th Street near 10 Avenue as thousands of women, and quite a few men, gathered to collect their plastic pleasure wands from a pushcart," wrote the NY Post. Rose Moon was happy. She said, "You go through the small, cheap ones pretty quickly...I'm hoping that this will be better than the ones I'm used to and {I can} keep it for life." I see something here for the Obama campaign to use against Romney.

  • Usain Bolt is already declaring himself a legend. He's fast, that's for sure. But a reminder to Bolt: Carl Lewis won track and field medals in FOUR Olympics. He won 10 medals, 9 were Gold. And he got those in several different events including the long jump. Usain, you still have a way to go brother.

  • And kudos to the USA women's soccer team taking the Gold by beating Japan 2-1 in a rematch of last year's World Cup final won by Japan.

  • USA women were not done. The USA women's water polo team won its first Gold ever in the Olympic games. They beat Spain 8-5. They took a Bronze in 2004 and Silver in 2000 and 2008.