Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Paul Ryan Brief: Competence, Core Conservative Values, Big, Bold Ideas & Energy

"We won't duck the tough issues...we will lead." Paul Ryan today

I purposely have not listened to the pundits reaction to Romney's choosing Paul Ryan (the announcement is less than two hours old). In my opinion, the choice of Paul Ryan (R-WI)  by Romney today is an outstanding choice on many levels for the following reasons:

"We won't blame others. We will take responsibility." Paul Ryan today

  • Ryan brings competence to government.
  • He generates big, bold ideas. He's recognized as one of the smartest persons in Congress.
  • He energizes the Republican base (his choice will also energize the Democrat base).
  • He's young and does not represent the Republican elite establishment. Yet, he's well-liked and well-respected by most of his Republican colleagues.
  • He's a fighter who is non-threatening able to debate with charm, cool and with reason.
  • He's a reformer as evidenced clearly by his initiatives to tackle out-of-control government spending and fraud in Medicaid, Medicare and a host of other government programs.
"We won't replace our founding principles...We will take responsibility." Paul Ryan today

  • He has a strong record on core conservative principles.
  • His voting record is solid conservative and he's a recognized expert on the economy (Chair of House Budget Committee)
  • He's pro-life.
  • His record on national security is strong (he's also an unabashed supporter of Israel).
  • He has a  strong on combating crime
  • He supports more oil drilling
"We will honor you, our fellow citizens, by giving you the right and opportunity to make the choice." Paul Ryan today
  • He supports repealing ObamaCare
  • He supports a smaller federal government and government reform.
  • He  supports the Second Amendment. 
  • He believes in comprehensive immigration reform without amnesty. 
  • He has a strong pro-family voting record.
  • He believes tax reform is necessary.

The battle for the White House officially started today. It's a new ball game. All the players are now on the field of politics. It's up to America now to make their choice. Let's pray American makes the Right choice. I hope and I'm confident America will make the right choice by sending Romney/Ryan to the White House this coming November

I can't leave without making this comment:  At least Paul Ryan is not this guy: