Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Those Slimy & Sleazy Democrat Diversions; Lies to Dems Are Just Speed Bumps; Obamaloney Has An Expiration Date

Blind South Korean Archer Set New World Record Before Accidentally Murdering Eight...The Onion's Olympic Coverage

  • I've written a number of pieces about the diversions and distractions used by the Obama campaign and its surrogates like Reid, Pelosi, and Wasserman {pictured above}.
  • Romney has been called a wimp, a felon, a dog abuser {but he didn't have dog recipes like Obama did...mmmmmm},  a bully {remember when they went back over 40 or more years about some alleged attack on some alleged gay student?}, a sleazy venture capitalist, a guy who has overseas bank accounts {allow me to ask the reader this question: If you had a large bank account, and you know some foreign banks had better savings rates than you would fine here, where are you going to put your money? Moreover, they keep taking Romney to task for being wealthy but keep giving their friends a pass. For example, Oprah's net worth is in the billions. Where's the outrage about her wealth? Or where is the outrage about John Kerry's inherited wealth?}, and, more recently, the charge from Reid that Romney has not paid his taxes for 10 years{refer to my piece yesterday where even the Washington Post proclaimed that assertion was a lie}...
  • And now...he's a murderer. Yes, a woman lost her battle with cancer because her health insurance was cut off and she died. Romney, according to the Democrat ad...murdered that poor woman {Of course, what the ad does not say is Romney had been seven years removed from Bain at the time of her death in 2006. This according to Politico. And CNN reported she did have health care until 2003 or 2004 until she left the company due to an injury. In addition, the ad failed to say she did get health care}.
  • But to the Democrats, lies are only speed bumps in the road. They slow down when they come upon one and then speed up again.

  • Moreover, all politicians send jobs overseas.  All those who have Apple products and complain about sending jobs overseas, do they even know Apple products are largely made overseas, mostly in China? {Droids are also largely made overseas largely in Mexico and Canada}. Or that Toyota was the best selling auto brand last year? Or that GM, Obama's favorite auto company and one that received huge tax-payer funded bailouts, invested over $1 billion in Brazil (a week after the bailout). And, according to the U.S.-China Business Council, we bought almost $400 billion worth of Chinese products in 2011?

  • As Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote today about that slimeball Harry Reid: "Let's stipulate that Harry Reid is pond scum and a political fabulist not fit to be Senate majority leader. But let's not forget what else he is: a hit man for the Obama campaign." Let's not also forget. This prick has not allowed the budget to come up for vote in Congress for 3 years. Obama might end up being the first president whose never had a budget in his first term in office. 
  • Someone wrote recently, the ballot box is the best sanitizer. I believe that.
  • In response to the Obama campaign calling Romney "Romney Hood," Romney shot back and said it's a bunch of Obamaloney. Let's hope that Obamaloney has an expiration date of November 2012 as Savvy tweeted yesterday.
  • If you are on Social Security and you have any outstanding college loans, the feds will be tapping into your Social Security checks. In fact, the feds have already raided Social Security checks of over 115,000 retirees. Smart Money

  • Gotta give it to Jewish-American Olympic Gold Medalist, Ally Raisman (above),  for some chops. As most know by now, the International Olympic Committee refused to have a moment of silence for the Jewish athletes that were murdered at the Munich games in 1972. So what did Ally do yesterday. She performed her floor routine to "Hava Nagila." You go girl!!!

  • Speaking of medals, Poland, as of yesterday, has 8. She's 14th in medal standings out of about 70 countries who have medaled. Go Polska!!! {That's the Polish female soccer team above). What no Polish jokes? Cat got your tongue?