Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Presstitute Media Latch On To Another Diversion; Media Matters Colluded With DOJ; Constitution Trashed For Political Gain; Occupy Wall Street Babies

"All A Titter" New York Post headline Re: Kate Middleton

  • Here we go again. The presstitutes and democrats latched on to yet another issue to divert our attention to the administration's failed Middle East policy. A policy defined by Rich Lowry as "clueless and morally obtuse." The fact is Romney simply told the truth when he said 47% of Americans who are dependent on the government will vote for Obama. And those comments were made last May. In other words, the presstitutes and the Dems were sitting on this for 4 months to use at just such a time. One has to wonder what the October surprise will be.
  • Russia had only one government news agency we have ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NPR, NY Times, LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, ...
  • Having said this, I would advise the Romney campaign to hit harder and debunk the Democrats and Presstitute's talking points.

  • Yo Obama administration: it's not about the film. It's this simple: they hate us and our freedoms. And now they perceive us as weak.

  • Hezbollah chief told his lunatic adherents to sustain the rage. So much for reaching out to the terrorists.
  • Questions that still need to be asked but the presstitutes keep avoiding: Why was the security in our embassies so poor? And how was the enemy able to infiltrate one of our most fortified bases?
  • By the way, didn't anyone find it ironic during the week we celebrate the 225th birthday of our Constitution authorities detain the guy who made that film? In other words, was our Constitution set aside this week for political gain? I think so.
  • One guy tweeted it's better not to send them any money anymore when they will still hate us for free.

  • Need I remind everyone what Pres. Obama said in 2008. At a San Francisco fundraiser (I guess he hasn't stopped fundraising since he got elected), he said of the good people in Pennsylvania and the Mid-West, "...And it's not surprising they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who are not like them..."
  • Story breaking now on Daily Caller proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Media Matters colluded with the Justice Department.

  • "Occupy Wall Street turned 1 yesterday--and the protesters sure acted like a bunch of babies." NY Post.  Protesters were shouting, "F--K the Police!" Others were trying to provoke police by holding rods dangling donuts. And, of course, many of these misfits, felons, clowns and knuckleheads were arrested. Happy Birthday dumbasses!!!
  • So how effective has QE 3 been so far?  Inflation is creeping up. Dollar is falling. Oil is quickly approaching $100 a barrel.
  • For every dollar added to the economy, we added $3 to the debt.
  • There is some good news. A Pakistani protester died while inhaling fumes as he tried to burn A U.S. flag.