Monday, September 17, 2012

Obama Admin: Appeasing & Enabling Murderers & Thugs; PC Policies Infecting Our Military; Is Romney Getting His Message Out?; OWS: They're Back!

"...Pres. Obama said he would win re-election if turnout is anything like it was in 2008. While voters said he'd win re-election if he were anything like he was in 2008."...Fallon

  • What does it say about an American presidential administration that appeases and enables murderers and thugs?  Last week (and continuing this week), the administration and our own State Department kept putting out the message the 14 minute film bashing Islam was the reason for the rioting throughout the globe. In other words, our own administration kept marketing the film.

  • That was followed by the filmmaker---a scumbag for sure---was detained by LA authorities, a flagrant violation of his First Amendment rights. As Andrea Peyser pointed out so well in her piece today, "When did the land of the free turn on its own people." (Andrea, it was in January of 2009). She also correctly pointed out, "But rather than crack down on the murderous militants who used it as an excuse for violence, our government is begetting more bloodshed---by acting like a movie critic."
  • So instead of defending this jerk's right to free speech, this administration apologizes to terrorists.
  • And we had 4 more American troops ambushed by Afghans this past weekend.
  • In case you missed it, absurd political correctness has infected our military. For example, our troops have been trained and directed by the Pentagon to wear gloves whenever handling a copy of the Koran. They've been directed never to walk in front of a praying Muslim. They cannot smoke or eat in front of Muslims during Ramadan fasting. Troops who violate the "sensitivity" rules face SEVERE punishment. Folks, we're in trouble. NY Post
  • Do you get a sense this administration severely lacks any basic skills in governing?
  • Last week, the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll had Romney up by 3 percentage points (48-45%). Just breaking now: the same Rasmussen Poll has Romney up by 2, 47-45%. Historically, Rasmussen has been the most accurate polling organization. The Real Politics average of all polls has Obama up by 3 (48.5 to 45.5%). Both are within the margin of error. In addition, the RCP average reports that almost 60% of the country say we are on the wrong track.  The case can be made that, as an incumbent, Obama should be hammering Romney by more than 3 points. RCP average of battleground states (17), Romney is only leading in 4 of those states. 
  • There is some good news for Romney. North Carolina, the DNC Convention's host state, has Romney up by 6.

  • With all of this data in mind, one is obliged to ask the question: is Romney getting his message out? I contend it's still going to come down to the debates. I also question whether there is a sizable "silent majority." For example, in late October, Carter was leading Reagan by 8 points. In the November election, Reagan smoked Carter.
  • But, if the Republicans cannot win in this environment, they're in a world of sh!t.
  • There is another reality. If any other president was in office right now, people would be storming the White House with pitchforks.

  • Occupy Wall Street will be celebrating one year since these misfits, felons, rapists, knuckleheads and clowns came upon the political scene. Need we say anything more?