Friday, September 14, 2012

Has Pres. Obama Lost Control Of Foreign Policy As Well As Domestic Policy?; The Presstitutes Are Suck-Ups To Obama: More Proof; Greek's Massive Debt Load Ruining Their Ruins

"History Does Not Long Entrust The Care of Freedom To The Weak or Timid." Pres. Dwight David Eisenhower

  • "Islam has a very proud history of tolerance." Obama in Cairo in 2009. He called his speech in Cairo that day: A New Beginning. I guess he was giving Mubarek some advance notice.
  • It's time Americans ask themselves a very important and serious question: Has the Obama administration lost control of both domestic and foreign policy? In light of the what's been happening in America (the continued economic mess) and now in the Middle East, the answer to that question has to be Yes. An objective and even casual observer cannot come to any other conclusion. To borrow an Obama phrase---Make No Mistake---the Obama administration is partially responsible for this chaos being unleashed in the Middle East this week.
  • And, as everyone knows, he took it very seriously. The day after the attacks, he flew to Vegas for a fundraiser. Ambassador Steven's body had not yet even been transported home to his family.

  • We now have credible reports (largely from the foreign press, The Jerusalem Post and the IndependentUK) that our own State Department, under Hillary Clinton, was warned in advance of possible attacks upon our embassies. In addition, the anger against the film now appears to just have been a diversion.
  • Another question arises as I write this: Will this be the opportunity for the Obama administration to lay the blame squarely upon Hillary Clinton thereby putting the kibosh to her chances for 2016?
  • Earlier this week, I wrote these events appear like 1979 all over again. Even more so when one considers Carter betrayed the Shah and Obama betrayed Mubarek.
  • How bad has Obama's foreign policy become? Obama said Egypt was not an ally. Jay Carney, WH press spokesman, had to walk that back the next day when he said the word "ally" is a "legal term of art." Say Friggin What?
  • Romney was correct when he said the world needs American leadership now (more than ever).

  • Earlier this week, I also wrote two pieces about the death of journalism. Now, we have even more proof. NewsBusters reported yesterday that ABC, CBS, NBC (which should also include the lunatics on MSNBC) devoted more time (20-1) to Romney's comments than to Obama's foreign policy mistakes (as reinforced with news today).
  • Even more disturbing, the nitwits on MSNBC actually debated on whether the filmmaker of that stupid film should be indicated as an accessory to murder.  I guess these nitwits know nothing about the First Amendment. Yet, when Salman Rushdie's book, "The Satanic Verses," caused all kinds of trouble, they said nothing. Why? Because Rushdie is a literary celebrity (Jonah Goldberg pointed that out today).
  • Well, the feds decided to announced "QE3" yesterday. Interesting considering Quantitative Easing 1 and 2 didn't work. Hey, so let's print more money and watch the dollar continue to go down the toilet.
  • As Jeb Bush said recently: "How many successful reform ideas has Washington produced with almost $1T in stimulus spending?" He pointed out correctly that most of the bold initiatives come from the states not the feds. Just look at N. Dakota. Their economy is blazing because of their robust energy policy. They have so many jobs; they can't find enough employees to fill them.

  • I found this next story in USA TODAY most disturbing because I lived in Greece for almost two years while stationed there in the Air Force. More evidence of just how bad debt is to a country. Greek's ancient ruins survived wars, earthquakes, plundering, etc. for thousands of years. But now they are falling into ruin because the Greeks cannot afford to maintain them. And they are blaming it on their massive debt load. How bad is their debt? It's 165% of their entire economic output.
  • While recent polls appear to be in conflict, I'm going to reference the one poll that's been historically considered the most accurate. According to Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll Romney leads Obama today 48-45%. Polls earlier this week show Obama ahead in several swing states.