Thursday, September 13, 2012

Implicit Presstitutes Keep Embarrassing Themselves; Islamists Know They Cannot Subjugate Americans and That's Why They Hate Us; Obama's Bounce is History; Household Incomes Fell Again

"...a drone strike killed al-Qaeda's number two in command...This is an area where Pres. Obama can say he is definitely creating jobs."...Leno

  • Once again, the knee-pad presstitutes embarrassed themselves yesterday. Instead of attacking the pricks in Libya who murdered our ambassador, they attacked Romney. In fact, reporters were caught off-mic colluding to attack Romney right before their press conference with him (Big Government). And as they attacked Romney, they appear to have forgotten they attacked Bush for 8 years while we were at war.  As John Podhoretz pointed out so well today: "In the precincts of America's Most High, the worst evil done yesterday was Mitt Romney daring to broach the subject, and use it to criticize President Obama's foreign policy." He continued regarding the presstituties attacks on Romney: "This was an make it illegitimate for Romney to criticize at a moment when foreign policy has suddenly taken center stage." Again, Podhoretz correctly points out this is exactly when such a debate should take place.
  • Remember readers: These Islamic thugs and murderers were not angry over a stupid little film on YouTube (there are literally thousands like it on the Web). It's all about the United States being the last remaining obstacle to their dream of subjugating the "infidel" through terror dubbed as "jihad" wrote Amir Taheri today.

  • Folks, keep your eyes on 60 Minutes. Mark my words. They will be encircling the wagons around Obama in the coming weeks. Why do I know that? One name: Dan Rather.
  • But, if there is a lesson from all of this, it's this: you cannot fight this war against such an insane enemy by leading from behind as Obama has been doing. The question is: Has Obama learned this lesson?
  • Perhaps not. Gateway Pundit is reporting today that Obama will be meeting with representatives from the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet---he refused to meet with Netanyahu. You can't make this stuff up folks.
  • One more thing. In 2008, Obama used the deaths of American troops to hammer McCain. Buzzfeed Politics

  • And just a reminder, from all accounts, we lost a good man yesterday. God bless his soul. Blessings to his family.
  • The last time we lost an ambassador was in 1979. Jimmy Carter was president then.
  • Jobless claims ROSE last week to 382,000 (that number will be revised UP quietly next week). The administration is blaming Hurricane Isaac for the jump.
  • Rasmussen now has Romney up by one over Obama 47-46%. So much for convention bounces.
  • Median incomes saw a drop of 1.5% last year.  And for those dummies who say they don't want to go back to the Bush policies, in 2007, median income was $54,500 a year. Today, it's $50 grand. The big losers? Those between the ages of 25 and 64.  They've seen a decline of almost 14%. Census Bureau
  • In addition, those Americans without health insurance is at 16%.
  • The Obama administration began notifying young illegal immigrants they will not be deported. It's called, the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals."