Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is Pres. Obama AWOL?; WTF?; Redistribution = Socialism; Romney Leading in Swing States; Michigan Finds 4000 NonCitizens on Voter Rolls; The Battle of Antietam

All over the world there were chanting, "Death to America!" Except in China where they were chanting, "Not until we get our money back."..Leno

  • Is this President AWOL? I'm inclined to ask that question from the recent news reports this week (excluding the hundreds of hours spent on the golf course). For example, the administration and campaign said Obama did not have time to meet with  Israel's PM Netanjahu as the Middle East raged, yet Obama appeared on Letterman (Obama's 7th appearance on Letterman)  and then he hosted a $40k per plate fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce. Recall, the president appeared at a Vegas fundraiser after four of our bravest foreign service officers were murdered in Libya. He's appeared in almost 140 fundraisers this year alone.
  • At this fundraiser, there was a tower of champagne bottles---$800 gold champagne bottles. "Let them eat cake!"
  • Add to this, the tanking economy and other domestic policy disasters, this president's numbers  continue to hover in the 45-47% range. WTF?

  • And then we have these most recent numbers: 46.7M people are on food stamps, an all-time high (costing $76B, doubling in the last 5 years). 110M live in households where someone is receiving some type of federal benefit. 11M are receiving SS disability benefits---up 23% in five years. 46.2M are living in poverty or 15%, the most since records started 53 yrs ago. Census Bureau
  • Keep this fact in mind: All Mitt Romney said was that unchecked growth in government entitlements can destroy America economically. Hello: Our debt is over $16T. Add our unfunded mandates to this number and we're over $50T.
  • Proof very few of the Islamic rioters and murderers did not see the film the administration keeps saying is the cause of the outrage: they don't have enough broadband to even air that film.
  • Presstitute Headline in USA TODAY: "Romney Trips In Tight Race." Then the piece goes on to show that Romney only lags behind Obama in their poll by a whopping 2 percentage pts (48-46%).
  • Rasmussen has Romney up by one in Swing State (47-46%)
  • Anyone who reads my work regularly knows I don't throw around "Socialism" a lot referring to Obama's policies. That might change considering a new audio was released yesterday showing Obama does believe in redistributing wealth.

  • Talk about hypocrisy. This from Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY). "Before he judges other people about paying federal income taxes, Gov. Romney should come clean about the tax returns he's hiding from voters." Charlie was deposed as House Ways and Means Committee Chair and censured by Congress for failing to pay his own income taxes.

  • Reminder: this guy is still the Vice President.
  • Why do we need voter ID laws? Michigan is reporting they found 4000 non-citizens on their voter rolls. Detroit News
  • The Presstitutes keep pointing out that the Joint Chiefs of Staff support Obama's defense cuts. What they don't tell you is that Joint Chiefs are appointed by the president after Senate confirmation. In other words, they are political appointees.

  • This week marks the bloodiest battle in the Civil War---Antietam. Over 131,000 troops from the North and South were engaged in the battle. Casualties exceeded 23,000 on both sides. While many historians consider the Battle a draw, it enabled Lincoln to identify the cause of freedom for the nation's slaves at the time. Five days after the battle, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Antietam is also considered the beginning of modern battlefield medicine. Jonathan Letterman, the Union Army's medical director, is credited with creating a system of first responders, triage stations, surgical field hospitals ad permanent hospitals, all used today. In the civilian sector, his system is similar to EMT's and emergency rooms. So every time you see an ambulance streaking passed you down the road, thank Jonathan Letterman. USA TODAY/Civil