Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama Admin Was Wrong About Libyan Embassy Attack And Knew It; Obama Campaign Sells Obama Campaign Logo On American Flag; Redistribution Not New For Obama; Another Dismal Jobs Report; Fast & Furious Whitewash; Hardees CEO: ObamaCare Increases Our Health Care Cost 150%

Area Man Who Had To Move Back In With His Parents Still Supports Obama...The Onion's political page

  • For the last two weeks, the Obama administration, Democrats and their enabling presstitutes in the media tried to convince the American people that the attack on the Libyan Embassy was the result of the film when many knew that was bogus (the administration and the presstitutes were using the film as a diversion from their own failed Middle East and North African foreign policy. Also, there are credible reports we were warned about the attack 3 days before it took place). We now know, as reported by Fox News first yesterday, (followed by CBS) that it was a planned al-Qaeda attack. And breaking today, CNN is reporting that Ambassador Stevens himself constantly worried that attacks would take place on the embassy. So now even the presstitutes are forced to report the truth.
  • Guess what? Romney was also right about the attack on the Libyan embassy.

  • More proof about the selective outrage of the presstitutes. The NY Times and other slimes hailed art work in the past that defiled Christians (a Brooklyn Museum showed a display of the Virgin Mary splattered with elephant sh!t and the now infamous crucifix in urine display entitled, "Piss Christ" were just two examples). Yet, they condemned the film.

  • In case you missed this news, the Obama campaign is actually marketing (on their web site) an American flag with the campaign's logo. In a word---shameful.

  • Hey, I don't know about the Obama campaign cultists,  libs and many Democrats, but our brave troops are not fighting for that stinking Obama campaign flag. They fight for the American flag. 

  • While some of the media aired a clip showing Obama supports "redistribution" of wealth, it was not the first time. If you recall, during the 2008 campaign, he said the same thing to Joe the Plumber. And for those "stupids" and the naive, if you want to see the legacy of wealth distribution, all you need to do is re-visit Russian and Eastern-European Communist history and learn what has been going on in Cuba in the last 40 years. Millions died from starvation under the "redistribution" regimes. As Thomas Sowell pointed out so well, "...redistribution of wealth ended up redistributing poverty." (Don't you find it interesting we now have some of the highest poverty rates in our history as well as 47 million on food stamps?)
  • In line with this, today the labor department reported that 382,000 Americans filed for first time unemployment. In a word: dismal.
  • Yesterday Brietbart reported that the Obama administration used stimulus money to purchase solar panels from China. In fact, the General Services Administration purchased solar panels from China that our now being used on our own federal buildings (The GSA is the government agency whose officials were caught on YouTube at a Vegas junket making light of spending tax payer money). In fact, now there are questions whether these purchases were legal.

  • An almost 500 page report on Fast and Furious was released by the inspector general's office (Fast and Furious was a government run gun-running program where over 2000 guns fell into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. We also had two federal agents killed by two of those guns). The report recommended discipline for 14 officials but Eric Holder got off. Does anyone believe Holder did not know what his assistants were doing? And if that's true, he should be fired for not knowing what they were doing considering he supervises (ed) many of those involved. Can you spell "coverup?"
  • USA TODAY headline: "Obama Spends More Than Half His Time On Road." What's that I wrote yesterday about Obama being AWOL? In the last seven weeks alone, he want to 7 states about 12 times (Nev., CO, Ohio, Iowa, Wis., VA, N.C., Fl and N.H.).
  • Hardees CEO, Andy Puzder, reported this week that ObamaCare will raise his insurance costs for Hardees 150% or an additional $18 million. NewsMax