Thursday, July 10, 2014

Progressive Policies + Ideology Even Trump The Welfare + Health Of Children

BHO has placed one restriction on the young Central American refugees: that they not be allowed in Sidwell Friends Private School...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • What's the one constant refrain we've always heard from progressives? Let me help you: it's about the children. Whether it's about welfare benefits, teacher union strikes, income inequality, investment (code for more spending), charity (code for taking more of your money and giving it to people who they hope will vote for them) or healthcare---we have to do it for the children.
  • Yet, when it comes to their ideology, they will sacrifice anything---including the children and their own country.
  • We're seeing this currently played out with all of the unaccompanied children crossing our border.  It's been reported at least 60,000+ but no one really knows the precise number. Nevertheless, according to the U.S. Border Patrol, the number of minors traveling ALONE from Central America has soared over 1000%. In 2011, there were approximately 6,550. The U.S. Border Patrol projects 142,000 by 2015. If these projections hold up, that's just shy of the total population of Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • But even more disturbing, many of these children are being handed over to relatives who themselves are illegal immigrants and even to strangers (people identifying themselves as family members but we really don't know what their status is). And if that's not troubling enough, no one is doing criminal background checks on many of these so-called relatives to whom these children are being handed over. That's obvious since Health and Human Services officials admitted there's been no effort to find out their immigration status (Daily Mail). Hello! Has the Obama administration ever heard of child exploitation by sexual predators?
  • Last week, I made the charge that the Obama administration and illegal immigrant activists are now complicit to child human trafficking. As more information comes in daily, I believe that charge is credible. And Rep. Issa was absolutely correct when he said, "When the president made a decision that he was NOT going to enforce immigration laws...he created a real magnet to pull in a great deal of new illegals, particularly children." 
  • And how do we know that? In addition to the thousands now flooding into our country, several hundred non-Mexican immigrants questioned in May said "because they heard they could get a 'permiso' or 'free pass' simply by showing up at the border." Senate Judiciary Committee via NY Post
  • The fact is we now have to ensure the safety and health of these children since they are now residing on our soil. Americans always do that. Having said that, after they are taken care of in terms of their health and nutrition, they should be sent back to where they came from to be reunited with their own families.
  • And let's not kid ourselves. This is as much a national security crisis as much as any humanitarian crisis.
  • There's even a more striking irony that converges with the current scandal regarding our veterans. As illegal immigrants are being fed and housed on many of our military bases at taxpayer expense, there are also thousands of homeless veterans living on the streets outside the gates of many of those same bases. Another example of progressive ideology trumping not only the welfare of children but also the welfare of Americans, many of whom fought and defended this country.