Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mr. Obama + The Political Class: Please, Just Leave Us Alone

We are experiencing a serious crisis at the White House. The fundraising schedule is beginning to conflict with the golf schedule...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • I have to confess I got the idea for this post from a recent book by black author Jason L. Riley. His book, "Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed" essentially points out how liberal policies don't help black America. Instead, they perpetuate a culture of self pity.
  • Not long ago, I wrote a piece about the War on Poverty and its failures. In short, I argued that poverty  won the war and actually subsidized poverty. We've seen that phenomena play out with poverty rates now some of the highest in our modern history. Riley goes even further. He wrote: "...the civil rights movement of King has become an industry that does little more than monetize white guilt." In fact, that industry has been the calling card of leaders like Al Sharpton and company for decades.  As I wrote in that earlier poverty post, blacks have been exploited largely by other blacks and the progressive political class. They've been lectured on how they continue to be victims of slavery. On the other hand, empowerment rarely enters the discussion. It can't because race hustlers know they would be out of a job. People would finally understand they've been conned.
  • I believe the same phenomena is currently playing out on a much broader scale in America. It's being reflected in polls showing Americans have lost total confidence and trust in the Obama administration and Congress.
  • Americans are totally exhausted. It's as if they've waterboarded us for the last six years.   The consequences of one scandal after another are leaving most Americans gasping for some "clean" air instead of the dirty air associated with these never-ending blunders and incompetence. And even if all of this has been deliberate (as many believe), the consequences remain the same. 
  • But now that exhaustion is accompanied with anger.  We're angry that our liberties keep being infringed upon. We're angry at the government intruding into almost every aspect of our lives. We angry at the lies and deceit coming out of Washington. We're angry at the corruption on all levels of government. We're angry at the pain and misery caused by government always stepping on our toes. 
  • So please just follow the Constitution, protect us from our enemies, ensure our communities are safe, ensure the safety of our food and medications, make certain Americans retire with dignity, help those who are genuinely in need, ensure our veterans get the best medical care available and keep our transportation systems and infrastructure safe. It's not asking for much considering we pay for all of that and more. And quite frankly, it's your job.
  • But other than that: Stop trying to run our lives and please---just leave us the f*ck alone.