Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Distractions-Like Holder's Kangaroo Courts-From What Are The Real Issues Facing America

"Educate + Inform A Liberal. Take Him Or Her To Detroit--The City That Liberals Built." Tweet by author Janie Johnson

  • As I wrote around the time of the election, the Obama campaign have distractions and diversions down to a science. Who can forget the bogus "war on women?" Who can forget the phony charges by the most miserable prick in Congress, Harry Reid, when he accused Romney of not paying taxes? (Perhaps the best response to Reid at the time came from NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin when he wrote of Harry: "Let's stipulate that Harry Reid is pond scum...But let's not forget what else he is: a hit man for the Obama campaign."). Who can forget the charge against Romney that he was a "dog abuser" until we found out Obama admitted to actually eating a dog?  Who can forget the charges that Republicans sent jobs overseas when we've sent jobs to China, Mexico, Brazil and Canada? Who can forget the creation of the "Myth of the Arab Spring?" You get the picture. One distraction after another.
  • So it should not come as any surprise to anyone when the Democrats, the White House and their enablers in the presstitute media continue to use distraction and diversion strategy.
  • While Eric Holder holds his Kangaroo Courts against Zimmerman across the nation appealing to the nation's low-information voters and the useful idiots, we still have a lousy economy, unemployment is still much too high (in fact, recent reports indicate we're becoming a nation of part-time workers. I guess that's what Obama meant by transforming the nation. In fact, based on these new pathetic unemployment numbers, USA Today actually wrote a piece on why the underemployment is actually worse than it looks) and our foreign policy is in the toilet. Things are so bad even Puerto Rico is reporting a surge in homelessness.
  • Just as disturbing, even NBC had to report recently how dreams of young adults---getting married, buying their first home, etc.---is being delayed largely due to the bad economy. In addition, middle-class wealth tanked in the last two years to the tune of 40%.
  • We still see blacks murder blacks at alarming rates.
  • But it does not end there. ObamaCare is putting a big hurt on the country. Doctors are leaving their practices. A recent sobering survey by the Chamber of Commerce reported that 74% of small businesses will either lay off or cut the hours of their employees directly due to ObamaCare mandates. Kaiser Health News reported several weeks ago that rationing has begun for Medicaid patients by limiting the number of drug prescriptions. Even the Congressional Budget Office predicted that fewer people will have health insurance.
  • Of course, there still remain the scandals surrounding Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, NSA and DOJ's eavesdropping on journalists.
  • But the Obama administration, the media and others will keep diverting our attention because...IT WORKS.