Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Failure And Pain Of Progressive Policies

"Progressivism isn't about progress. It's about progressive rationalization of increasingly stupid ideas."  W. Heisenberg

  • I've written about progressives and how dangerous they can be on several occasions. The thought came to mind once again when I read about the illegal alien who was arrested recently for transporting over 200 pounds of marijuana across the border. But that's just the beginning of the story. This particular guy had already been deported 11 times previously. (Penal Country Sheriff's Office).
  • Not long ago, NY Corrections reported they released 2012 murderers and sexual predators. Again, that's not the rest of the story. Some of these released had been arrested over 40 times.
  • But one does not have to limit oneself to these two stories. We've all seen what distorted progressive policies have done to once great cities like Chicago, Detroit, Youngstown and countless others.
  • The infiltration of progressive policies are also noticeable in higher education. As reported before, it was Columbia University that hired Kathy Boudin, a former domestic terrorist and currently progressive "scholar." Eric Fettman wrote a piece in the NY Post in 2003 where he pointed out Boudin was personally responsible for a dozen bombings across the country.
  • So does it come as any surprise that progressive policies and legislation like ObamaCare, domestic economic policies and our foreign policy are complete failures? In fact, what does it say about a progressive rag like Rolling Stone that put the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on its cover to almost make him look like the late Jim Morrison?
  • But even more disturbing, like all progressive and socialist failed policies over the ages, they also cause pain to a majority of citizens. For example, we now know that ObamaCare will be a financial burden to many.  We know the IRS targeting of largely conservative groups caused those affected financial pain. And we certainly know how much  pain this administration's financial policies have caused the nation.
  • These are but a few examples of how dangerous progressive policies can be. Progressives and socialists (which are both different sides of the same coin) have left corpses in their wake especially in countries like Russia, Latin American and South East Asia. The legacy of progressivism is a painful one. In fact, one of the reasons progressives prefer to label themselves liberals is because they don't want the low information voters and useful idiots to be reminded of their sordid past.
  • Thomas Sowell once wrote, "Obama's rhetoric of 'change' is in fact a restoration of discredited ideas that originated a hundred years ago."