Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Panther Party: Punks, Thugs & Cowards; Some Observations Re: The Trayvon Shooting; Spike Lee Is A Dickhead; ObamaCare & Supremes; That "Pesky" 2nd Amendment

From The Onion's "Religion Test": How many commandments are there in the Christian Old Testatiment? 3-7-12-10 (but you really only have to pay attention to four of them).

  • After reading and reporting on the $10,000.00 bounty The Black Panthers placed on George Zimmerman's head, history reminded me of the kind of punks and cowards they are and have been since the mid-1960's. (Their foundation and core values are openly Maoists). The group was founded by two thugs and felons, Huey Newton and Bobby Seal. In fact, in the late 1960's, Huey Newton was convicted of killing a cop. This thug prick, after being released, actually bragged to his friends that he did not regret killing the police officer. Bobby Seal had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for insubordination and being AWOL before he ended up in Berkeley and then co-founding the Panthers. After his release from prison, this prick ran for mayor of Oakland and almost won.  In fact, another prominent member of this group of thugs, H. Rap Brown (now known as Al Amin), was convicted to murdering a police officer in 2000 (over an arrest warrant for a speeding ticket). You get the picture. These guys---even now---are just a bunch of punks, thugs and cowards.
  • A reminder to those watching the unfolding of the aftermath of the Travon shooting by Zimmerman. As of today, it appears that Travon was the victim here. He's dead. As far as we know, he was unarmed. Having said that, I contend there's been two disturbing trends unfolding: One is a "rush to judgement." As evidenced by Black Panther bounty, many want Zimmeran's head on the proverbial platter. The other is the outright media malfeasance in reporting this entire episode. For example, they are absolutely dishonest in showing the photo of Trayvon only as a 12 year old boy most of the time. On the other hand, Zimmeran's photo almost always appears to be a mug shot. In my opinion, that kind of reporting lends itself to creating all kinds of bias. This entire incident has been a clusterf^ck from the start and authorities need to get a handle on it now.
  • Spike Lee is a dickhead. He thought he Tweeted Zimmerman's address, but he actually Tweeted the wrong address. It's the address of an elderly couple in their 70's. In fact, The Orlando Sentinel, reported the couple had to flee their home because they felt their lives are in danger. Lefties always manage to screw up big-time. Unfortunately, innocent people usually suffer because of their stupidity.

  • Most of the reporting today shows that the opponents to ObamaCare had a good showing in front of the Supreme Court yesterday. Most are focusing on Justice Kennedy's statement. In short, he said the law {Obamacare} "changes the relationship of the federal government to the individual in a very fundamental way." The other conservative judges appear to have scored some points. Even Justice Sotomayor, a liberal, had questions regarding the individual mandate. For example, the Justices kept asking about young and healthy people who generally do not use health care that much. Does this new law force them into commerce and then have the force of law to regulate them?  In fact, Obamacare does more. It puts the government in charge of your doctor.  Again, this is all about what the limit is or is not on federal power over its citizens. But as most people know, and as Yogi Berra always reminded us, it ain't over till it's over. I believe it's been reported we will get an answer by the end of June.
  • I've often wondered about those people who want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Do they understand that the 2nd Amendment protects their First Amendment rights? Hey, just askin'.

  • I've often written how can we not go a week without reporting on Charlie Rangel. We can't ( Just like it's impossible not to report on Slo Joe Biden at least every week). Earlier this week, The Federal Election Commission found the Harlem Democrat guilty of violating rent control policies. He'll pay $23 grand in fines. If you recall, in 2010, Charlie was found guilty by the House Ethics Committee of concealing assets and violating the tax code (anyone of us would probably be wearing orange jumpsuits now if we did the same).
  • While we're on the subject of House members, I'm obliged to ask yet again. Where the f^ck is House Speaker John Boehner? Oh, he pops up occasionally, but he appears to lead in the backfield. Here's a guy who criticizes the president for his leadership skills or lack-thereof, yet he's never seen in the huddle. His image is above. If you see him, call the House of Representatives and report he's been found (Check all the tanning salons in the Washington D.C. area first and then try the golf courses).

    Oh, one more thing, I've let too much time go by without showing a shot of the asshole above.