Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spike Lee: A Dummy & Dangerous; Civility? What Stinkin Civility?; What Signals Did The Supreme Court Telegraph?; Obama Did Not Support The Mandate---In 2008; Obama's Budget DOA; Has The Fat Lady Sung To Romney?; Why Israel Needs Our Continued Support

They were so excited to see the Pope in Cuba. They raised a lot of money and bought him a brand new 1955 Chrysler...Letterman

  • As many have heard by now and as reported here yesterday, Spike Lee thought he tweeted George Zimmerman's address, but instead tweeted the address of another couple with the same last name. They had to go into hiding for a few days because of the many threats they received. But what makes this dummy's action so dangerous is not only the fact that he did it, but the fact that he would even put the real Zimmerman's life in danger. After all, the thugs and cowards in the New Black Panther Party have a bounty on Zimmerman's head. There are certainly enough crazy bastards out there who will take up the challenge to collect on that bounty. With the way the media and many others are behaving over this tragic event, I'm wondering how long it will take for the guillotine to appear. After all, these people are behaving a lot like many French did during the Reign of Terror. Thousands of people were sent to the get a real close shave without even a trial. If Spike Lee feels so strongly about sending personal addresses out over the airwaves, perhaps he wouldn't mind sharing his with all of us. Even better, perhaps a bounty should be placed on his head FOR BEING A DUMMY.
  • Lee has since apologized. At least he had the guts to do that, but I have one more comment on this for Spike: too late brother.
  • By the way, where's all that "civility" that the Left was talking about after the Gifford's shooting?
  • Yesterday, Congressman Bobby Rush of Ill made a fool of himself by wearing a hoodie on the House floor which is against House rules. But what many people---I am sure do not know---Bobby Rush is the same Bobby Rush who was a member of the Black Panther Party. Like the other thugs and cowards in that organization, he's also a felon. He was arrested in 1972 for carrying a weapon into a police station. Several years earlier, when police searched his apartment, they not only found a cache of illegal weapons (interesting how often these Lefties want to take away our gun rights, yet they always seem to own an arsenal themselves), they also found training manuals on explosives and booby traps (wiki). Oh, yes, this is really a sweet guy---my arse. He was a thug. He remains a thug. (refer to my previous post about the Black Panthers to see their history of thuggery).

  • As most know, Pres. Obama interjected himself into the Travon incident last week. The UK Telegraph is now reporting that the parents of two murdered children by a Shawn Jackson, also in Florida,  have sent three letters to the President. To date, they've received no response not even a letter of condolence. The victims were British tourists.  "It would perhaps appear that Mr. Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time," said one of the parents of one of the victims. Perhaps this is just another example of the post-racial presidency---not!

  • So after three days of arguments in front of the Supreme Court by the administration and the opposition, what did we learn? It appears, as many observers indicate,  the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act---ObamaCare---is in danger, whole or in part. Justice Scalia, in referring to the mandate, said: "My approach would say if you take the heart out of the statute, eh statute is gone." The liberal wing of the court, led by  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, appeared to support the administration's view when she said, "It's a choice between a wrecking operation, which is what you are requesting or a salvage job," she said to the lawyer representing 26 states challenging ObamaCare. Regardless of what the outcome is, an analysis that appeared in USA TODAY makes some good points in my opinion.  They point out the Justices could be writing new chapters on the concept of federalism---in short, the Constitution grants certain powers to both the feds and state governments. For example, states cannot coin money or enter treaties or start wars. But under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, powers not specifically listed in the Constitution are among the many powers reserved to the states, like requiring drivers licenses and health insurance (Romney did just that when he was governor in Mass). In addition, USA TODAY also points out the Supremes could write new chapters in law on the concepts of the economic powers of Congress as well as the government's relationship with its citizens. It's now in the hands of the Supreme Court. We should have a decision by the end of June.
  • Another history lesson for those who support ObamaCare and its mandate. Did you know that Pres. Obama came out against any health care mandates in 2008? In debating Hillary Clinton at the time, he put an ad out that proclaimed the following: "What's she's not telling you about the health care plan?...It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can't afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don't."

  • The House defeated Pres. Obama's budget 414-0, that's zero folks. He didn't even get any Democrat support for his budget.
  • Did the Fat Lady sing and we just missed it? Yesterday Marco Rubio, the up-coming, Cuban-American Republican, endorsed Romney. This comes on the heels of the endorsement by Jeb Bush and an anticipated endorsement by Bush 41, the Elder.
  • Salafist, now have 11 in parliament. Only 14 remaining are secularists. (Amir Taheri)
  • Below is why we should always support Israel:

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