Friday, March 30, 2012

Roseanne Barr: Proves, Yet Again, That Hollywood is Full of Dickheads and Jagoffs; Honor Trayvon By Also Focusing on Black-on-Black Crime; The Media Drives the Hysteria; Terrorists Targeting The Olympics With Hand Cream; Newt is Toast; GCB Insults Christians; Slo Joe Biden's Recent Dumbass Statement; USA To Have Highest Corp Tax Rate in the World by Sunday

Breaking headline news today from The Onion's Sport Page: "After One Week in New York, Tim Tebow Already A Gay, Homeless Crack Addict."

  • Perhaps Roseanne Barr, like many nitwits in Hollywood, is just searching for some attention. But like Spike Lee before her, this behavior is dangerous. She sent out Tweets threatening George Zimmerman's family. In fact, she even posted his parents home address (posting home addresses on Twitter is a violation of their terms of service). Considering that these celebrities try to protect their own privacy, one would think they understand the need to do so. Once again, the hypocrisy that is so conspicuous in Hollywood raises its ugly head---in this case, a really, really ugly head. Newsbusters

  • As I watch the many marches and rallies around the country in support of Zimmerman being brought to justice (unfortunately, at some of those events, there are also disturbing proclamations of vengeance as evidenced by bozos like Barr and The New Black Panthers), I can't shake the thought of why the very real problem--black-on-black crime--is not given the same or more attention it deserves. Even many black activists have been asking the same question recently.  Philip Jackson, a black community leader, even took Pres. Obama to task for not doing more about his issue. "Where there's more black-on-black crime, there is no reaction...death is only important when it's done by a white person," said Jackon. Father Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest and much admired community activist in Chicago who has lead largely a black congregation for years, even challenged the black community by asking them: "If you really honor Trayvon Martin,  what are you going to do differently tomorrow about violence? What child are you going to reach out to? What youth center? What school...?" Daily Caller
  • Heather MacDonald, writing in National Review, also points out "family breakdown, not white racism, is the biggest impediment facing blacks today..."
  • The fact is and the data is clear about it: The greatest danger to young black men is other young black men. In 2009, over 4,000 African-Americans were murdered by other African-Americans. During the same period, approximately 350 African-Americans were killed by known whites (this category also includes Latinos). FBI
  • In case you missed some of the reporting on this case, the Left is now blaming Republicans for this incident. How? An MSNBC host blamed Limbaugh, Gingrich and Santorum (Breitbart). Recall, after the Gifford's shooting, the Left also placed blame on Republicans like Palin. They can't help themselves. They're insane.  By the way, Zimmerman, the alleged shooter, is a registered democrat (International Business Times). I guess two can play this stupid game.
  • One more point. It's clear to me that the media is also responsible for much of this hysteria regarding the Trayvon killing (note: for those seeking justice. It's not a murder unless a jury decides its murder). And another incident, I believe, proves my point. The pilot of the Jet Blue flight who obviously had some mental health breakdown is now leading to voices in the media and elsewhere to question whether pilots should retain the authority they now have. In addition, they are also questioning whether pilots should be armed. Let's put some perspective on this: these type of events are exceedingly rare. We see this type of hysteria after every unfortunate incident instead of taking a step back and fully examining the event and/or issue. I place a lot of blame on the media for this irresponsible nonsense. 

  • As much attention is given to the Trayvon case, it appears terrorists have not taken any days off. British news media are reporting that a group tied to al-Qaeda is planning a cyanide attack on this summer's London Olympic games. Reports indicate they intend to put the poison into hand cream so when they shake hands, the poison will be transferred to unsuspecting individuals (if you recall, about a month ago, Olympic officials suggested athletes do not shake hands for fear of spreading illness.  They were roundly criticized for the suggestion, but perhaps they already knew about this terrorist plan then).
  • For months, I've been writing that Newt never stood a chance of getting the GOP nod. The recent Gallup Poll is proving my point. According to Gallup, Gingrich is now behind Ron Paul. Newt has 10% support of registered Republicans while Paul has 11%.
  • There's a new TV show entitled "GCB" which stands for "Good Christian Bitches." Do you think we'll ever see a show entitled "GMB" or "Good Muslim Bitches?" I hope not, because both would be in poor taste and insulting.

  • As I've written many times, we can always rely on Slo Joe Biden to say something really stupid. At a recent visit to a manufacturing plant in Iowa, he actually said we now need a "global minimum tax." Real Clear Politics
  • But Slo Joe shouldn't fret, because come this Sunday, the United States will have the highest job killing corporate tax in the world. We will be at a whopping 39.2%.  In fact, Japan will cut their corporate tax rate on Sunday, and Britain slashed their rate to 22%.  Russia is at 20% and China's rate is currently 25%. Any wonder why corporations and jobs go overseas?