Monday, April 2, 2012

MSNBC/NBC: You Are An Accomplice To Sharpton's Dangerous Rhetoric & Antics; Olberman Fired Again; Black Panther Arrested Who Put Bounty on Zimmerman's Head; Obama Hammering Romney in Recent Polls; It's World Autism Day

I think even Obama realizes the Obamacare thing is not looking good in front of the Supreme Court. He's starting to downplay it. Like, today, he called it Bidencare...Leno

  • Memo to MSNBC/NBC: You are an accomplice to Al Sharpton's dangerous rhetoric and antics. This man has a long history of race hustling, inciting riots and exploiting grieving families as he is now doing with Trayvon's family. He's exploited families to get headlines for himself---to only enrich himself.  From the Tawana Brawley hoax to the Crown Heights riots to the Trayvon shooting, this serial race-baiter and racist has been at the center of it all.  Even the NAACP came out this past weekend in direct opposition to Sharpton's call for an escalation to civil disobedience. And last week, Rev. Bryant, a former executive with the NAACP, said of Sharpton and his cronies, they are "buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy." They know, from Sharpton's history, this can only lead to innocent people getting hurt or killed. Yet, you continue to employ him as a host on your network. You should be ashamed of yourself. While he has every right to proclaim his vile comments, you do not have to keep him employed. Do the right thing and fire this rat bastard.

  • Nevertheless, this type of programming should not surprise anyone. Charlie Sheen is now  seen in several commercials and is planning a return to television. Reality shows with genuine jagoffs are commercial hits. Athletes with questionable backgrounds host sport shows.  As one commentator wrote after observing this garbage, "Hi friends, Charlie Manson here for Acme hardware. You know not all shanks are the same..." Phil Mushnick

  • To paraphrase Mark Twain, "First God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made people like Sharpton and Keith Olberman." But at least one network has some dignity left. Current TV, owned by another fake, phony and fraud, Al Gore, fired Herr Keith Olberman this weekend. In addition to his dismal ratings (about 30,000, that means the only viewers were largely made up of the Occupy type crowd---thugs, misfits and felons), it's being reported that he was just allegedly a pain in the ass. Reports are he went through 8 different limo companies because the drivers actually wanted to talk to him. He also refused to promote the network according to these same reports. In addition, his work ethic was "flaky." He took vacation days on some of the political world's most important events like the major primaries. Let's see. How many times has this prick been fired now? In fact, it was reported several years ago when ESPN had a big reunion show, they allegedly didn't invite one guy. That one guy was none other than Herr Keith Olberman. NY Post

  • Last week I accused the media of malfeasance for the old photos they keep showing of Trayvon and Zimmerman. It appears even AP agreed with me. They reported this weekend that the old photos may have negatively shaped opinion in the shooting case. Zimmerman is best known for a booking photo while Trayvon is most seen as a 12 year old when he's now 17 and around 6 feet tall.  Kenny Irby, who teaches visual journalism at Poynter Institute said, "When you have such a lopsided visual comparison, it just stands to reason that people would rush to judgement." (For the record and I've written this before: I believe Zimmerman should be arrested. For me, the 911 tape shows he acted irresponsibly. He needs to be held accountable no matter what the outcome)
  • You knew it would only be a matter of time. Thanks to one of my avid readers, he sent me a report that  New Black Panther leader Hashim Nzinga was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm. He's a convicted felon and felons are not to own any firearms.  He recently served as The New Black Panther's Chief of Staff and made news offering a bounty on George Zimmerman's head.  One commentator responded to this thug's arrest: Don't worry, Holder's got his back.
  • Not good news for Romney today. As AP reports one of Pres. Obama's top fundraisers is accused of fraud and impersonating a bank official (by the way, have you noticed how the media has put the Corzine story somewhere in journalism hell? There's been very little reporting about this fake, phony and fraud too. Corzine, in addition to bankrupting the State of NJ when he was gov, also allegedly bankrupted and may have defrauded clients at his company, MF Global. He was also one of Pres. Obama's leading bundlers and fundraisers), Romney's poll numbers are tanking, especially with women voters.  USA TODAY/CNN polling shows there is a huge gender gap. Obama get's 53% to Romney's 36% among registered women voters. Among all voters, Obama again topped Romney 51% to 42%. Romney also appears to be losing swing voters.

  • "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it's important for him to give me space. This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility, " Pres. Obama to Pres. Medvedev of Russia two weeks ago. It's difficult to understand how Pres. Obama has so much support left when he made statements such as the one above. In this case, it appears he's planning to share his plans with Putin if he gets re-elected but not with the American people. It's hard to believe he has so much support left with Obamacare still hovering over every American's head. It's hard to believe he has so much support left with so many gaffs in his leadership style from continued overspending this great nation to national poverty  to doing nothing about the energy crisis facing us today. Go figure.