Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obama: Constitution? What Stinking Constitution?; Olberman Kept Firing 99 Percenters; The Liberal Mindset; Props to Obama; Client #9 To Replace Olberman; Sex 4 A Big Mac?

On The Onion's "American Voices," they asked some Americans (most of the time the same three people  are interviewed in every issue) what they thought of Pakistan sentencing of Bin-Laden's relatives. Mark Carruth replied, "It's good to see Pakistan refusing to harbor terrorists' widows."

  • When we read pundits, largely from the right side of the political isle expressing concerns about Pres. Obama's view of the Constitution, can one blame them? In 2001, when interviewed on a Chicago radio station, Obama said of the Warren Court (one of the most liberal in our history), "It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed  by the Founding Fathers on the Constitution." Continuing on in the same interview, he referred to the Constitution as a "charter of negative liberties" because it's clear about what the states can't do. In other words,  as evidenced by his assault on the Supreme Court yesterday, this president believes the Constitution is too constraining. Referring to the Court's review of Obamacare, he said yesterday, "I am confident the bill will be upheld because it should be upheld." (italics my emphasis). Folks, he wasn't directing that statement at us; he was directing it at the Supreme Court. He also went on to remind them that they were "unelected." He also accused the Court of "Judicial Activism." This from the president who appointed Kagan to the Court. And keep in mind, these attacks on the Supreme Court from a man trained as a Constitutional attorney (recall, if you will, he attacked the Court in front of the entire nation during a State of the Union when he knew they could not or would not respond. Fortunately, the camera caught Justice Alito mouthing "Not True." The president was criticized widely, from the left and right, because many felt that attack on nationwide TV was a breach of decorum).  Sen. Orin Hatch said it best in my opinion in response to Obama's attack on the Supremes, "It must be nice living in a fantasy world where every law you like is constitutional and every Supreme Court decision you don't is 'activist.'" And John Podhoretz reminded the president, "Justices are sworn to 'support and defend the Constitution.' not liberal self-satisfaction and the unerring liberal inability to accept the substance and merit of opposing arguments."

  • But these attacks on the Supreme Court should come as a surprise to anyone, this president and his administration have a long history of blaming everyone with whom they do not agree.
  • After the report of the firing of Herr Keith Olberman, I couldn't help wonder what the Occupy Crowd must be thinking. This was a guy they supported because he always attacked the 1%. Yet, according to reports, he kept getting his limo drivers fired. In other words, this limousine liberal kept firing hard-working folks in the 99%. Clearly shows us, yet again, the hypocrisy of the media and Hollywood crowd. By the way, Current TV was paying Olberman $10 mil a year for 5 years. Considering his audience plunged to 30,000 viewers, Current TV was ripped off big time.

  • Oh, one more item on this. Guess who is slated to replace Herr Olberman? None other than Client #9. Yes, Elliot Spitzer, the former disgraced governor of the great state of NY. And, yes, I know what you're thinking: Didn't CNN just fire Spitzer several months ago for horrifically low ratings? Well, in fact, yes they did. America---what a country!!!
  • One business executive said of dealing with the Obama economic team, "dealing with his economic team, is like dealing with college students. Their level of naivete is off the charts."  NY Post
  • Why I love the NY Post: Because of headlines like this about Gov. Christie's visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem yesterday:  Accompaning his photo with the headline, "The Whale At The Wall."

  • Over the years, also after having been one during my youth, I've learned to understand the typical liberal mind. For example, they hate capitalism, but most love sending their children to private schools and Ivy League universities so they can be guaranteed a good paying job. They always celebrate diversity with the exception of straight, white conservatives be they men or women (in fact, conservative women get attacked more harshly than to white men).  They remind us constantly to respect other religions and cultures except when it comes to Catholics or Christianity. They attack corporations and the 1% but can't live a day without their IPhone or Android , Apple computer, IPad or news about what their favorite multi-millionaire celebrity is doing these days. They proclaim a "freedom of speech" unless, of course, they find it offensive.  In short, they're an easy read and give new meaning to "hypocrisy."
  • Okay, time to commend Pres. Obama. Yesterday, it was reported the head of the General Services Administration spent lavishly on conferences. In one case, they spent $835,000 on a conference in Las Vegas that included a mind reader, a comedian and a clown (I'm still researching this to see if they might have been referring to Slo Joe Biden). Examples of the lavish spending included paying $5 for a piece of shrimp. They ordered 300. One thousand sushi rolls at $7 a pop. When Pres. Obama found out about this waste, he ordered something be done. The head of the GSA resigned yesterday. Props to Obama. Now he has to work on the other federal agencies to clean up their act.
  • As reports coming out of London that the police are cleaning the streets of prostitutes in preparation for the Olympics, The Smoking Gun is reporting today that a prostitute was busted by an undercover cop in Florida for offering the cop sex in exchange for a hamburger off the dollar men. Now I know why all those geezers hang out at the local McDonalds.