Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson Shows It Takes Courage To Be Politically Incorrect

Ben Carson said he wouldn't approve a Muslim as president. Obama reacted with extreme anger, until he was reminded he's a Christian...WH Press Secretary (satire)

It's now clear that the progressive media and critics of Ben Carson are trying their hardest to portray the good doctor as an anti-Muslim bigot. Earlier this week, Carson said he wouldn't advocate to put a Muslim in charge of the nation. But what's failed to be reported---again, another example of the media's sins of omission---is that Carson was referring to those who support theocracies. Islam, based on Sharia Law, is incompatible with our Constitution. You don't have to take my word for it. Sam Adams, a Founding Father, said the same thing---theocracies co-opt civil governance. Instead, they replace it with theocratic fascism. Moreover, in a follow-up interview, Dr. Carson also said he would be against Christian theocracy.

To all of Dr. Carson's critics, I would ask them: where would the civil rights movement be today if it wasn't for Dr. King's political INCORRECTNESS? After all, segregation was considered politically correct at the time in many parts of our nation. In fact, in 1930's Germany, it became politically correct to bash Jews. Opposition by some to that warped ideology expressed more courage in their political incorrectness.

Those advocating that someone holding strict Islamic principles would be qualified to be president neglect to understand that type of political correctness limits and retrains freedom and liberty. All one has to do is witness how Islamists treat gays and women to illustrate just two examples. Charles Heston once described political correctness as tyranny with manners. He was generally correct with one exception. Islamists are devoid of any manners as we've seen with ISIS and Boko Haram in just the last two years.  

I can't predict whether Dr. Carson will survive this PC onslaught. But I do know this. He's absolutely correct. History is replete with evidence supporting his contention.


For those who like to throw the Islamophobia card on the table (like the Hamas front group CAIR), according to the latest FBI hate crime stats, 59.2% of religious-based hate crimes were toward Jews. And against Muslims? 14.2%.