Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pres. Obama's Bully Tactics; Newt: Get Out Already; Media Bias Distorts The Truth: 911 Zimmerman Tape Altered By NBC; Associated Press: Cowards; What About Your Budget Mr. President?

Sports Headline in The Onion this week: Miami Marlins Construction Crew Completely Unaware They've Been Building A Baseball Stadium. "There's that giant rainbow thing with the pink flamingos we built at the edge of the I'd say my best guess it's a big miniature golf hole...for disabled children," said foreman Frank Davies.

  • Is President Obama a bully? The Oval Office has long been referred to as "The Bully Pulpit", but  I'm not the only one asking that question these days. In fact, shortly after the president's attack on the Supreme Court yesterday (remember: that was his second conspicuous attack of the Court), I noticed a number of headlines suggesting he just might be. In fact, several news wires used the exact headline yesterday: Presidential Bully Tactics With High Court? (Yahoo and Fox). This is not the first time he's been accused of bully tactics reminiscent of Richard Nixon. If you recall, he and his administration attacked the great state of Arizona when they passed stricter laws on illegal immigration. More recently, his administration's overt attack on the Catholic Church comes to mind. Real Clear Politics is now reporting the president even went so far as to "instruct" reporters on how to report his {Obama's} positions. But this should surprise no one. After all, he got his political training in the gutters of Chicago, one of the most crooked political machines in the country. Those thugs know a thing or two about bullying. Just ask those who got in the way of the Daley family and the Kennedy's.
  • What is even more disturbing to many observers---even some liberals---is that the Pres. did not show respect for the independent role of the Supreme Court under our Constitution. "For the president to imply that the only explanation for a constitutional conclusion contrary to his own would be out-of-control conservative justices does the Court a disservice," wrote Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus. Ms. Marcus has been a long time supporter of this administration. In fact, just yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals sent a letter to the Obama administration demanding an explanation --- in writing ---whether the Obama administration recognizes the power of the Court. This was in direct response to the president's attacking the Supreme Court.
  • I noticed something significant in the primary results yesterday out of D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin. While Romney trounced everyone, Ron Paul beat Gingrich in two out of the three primaries---Wisconsin and D.C. Newt barely squeezed passed Paul in Maryland (by one percentage point). Really folks, the only reason Gingrich is remaining in the race is so he can put those nice steak dinners and 5 star hotel rooms on the campaign tab. There's absolutely no reason for him to continue with the exception of that other thing---his ego.

  • I've written a lot about the media's bias,  misconduct and malfeasance with regard to the Zimmerman shooting. But I wonder how many people even know that NBC News altered the 911 tape? They altered it to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist. Well, they just apologized. But the apology is bogus because they blamed it on their "production process." If you recall, it was the media who railroaded Richard Jewell during the Atlanta Olympics bombing. This was a hero who the media made out to be a suspect in the bombing (FBI also screwed up in this case. They later apologized to him. I don't think the media thugs ever did. In fact, he later became a police officer. He died in 2007).
  • If you need any more evidence of the media bias in support of Pres. Obama, I suggest you simply Google what the Associated Press Chief, Dean Singleton, said of Pres. Obama when he introduced him to the news editors yesterday. His suck up speech is much too long to summarize here, but it's worth a look. Have your barf bag ready before you start reading or listening to his introduction. It's available at The Weekly Standard written by Dan Halper entitled, "Associated Press Chief Offers Lavish Praise for Obama." I guess they don't teach journalistic ethics in our universities anymore.
  • How bad is the Associated Press? To date, they've refused to blame Al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks. In most of their copies, they write, "Al-Qaeda has been blamed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks..." Cowards!!!

  • It's been a long time since we heard anything about Nancy Pelosi,  head honcho of the useful idiots out there and there are many.  I was reminded today that five years ago, Pelosi defied Pres. Bush's strategy of isolating Syrian leader and henchman, Bashar Assad (whose troops now have murdered about 8,000 innocent Syrians as far as we know).  In fact, the White House at the time referred to Syria as "a state sponsor of terror." But Pelosi was fine with that. As Speaker of the House at the time, she felt that Assad was a Western-educated reformer. She said, "We came in friendship, hope and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace," she told reporters at the time. Of course, the road to Damascus is now littered with dead bodies. In fact, the Syrian regime even used their meeting with her for propaganda purposes. 

  • But Nancy Pelosi has a lot of competition for the "Biggest Dummy" in Congress. The image above shows who is running a close second. Note what she said.

  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama spoke to a group of news reporters. He hammered the Republican budget that cuts about a trillion dollars. Yet, not one of these alleged journalists bothered to ask him a very important question. A question I would have asked. "Mr. President, if the Republican budget is so bad, why did your last two budgets go down in total defeat? In fact, Mr. President, your current budget proposal did not get a single vote of support even from any Democrats. What do you attribute that to?"

  • The last several posts I also report on Keith Olberman's firing at Current TV. I also remarked that for a guy who hammered the 1%, he never walked the talk. An account executive from Current TV wrote this in an email: "The problem with him {Olberman)...the man professes to be for the 99% doesn't want any of the 99% talking to him or being near him." Current TV