Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race Hustlers---Sharpton & Jackson--- Exploit Another Grieving Family; Another Black Leader Speaks Out Against Sharpton & Jackson; Jane Fonda To Play Nancy Reagan; ObamaCare Mandate Under Review; Final Nail in Global Warming Coffin?

Mitt Romney got a big endorsement last week. The bad news? It was from Etch A Sketch...Leno
(a side note from me: Since the sales of Etch A Sketch shot up over 2000% last week, Mitt should counter with: I'm not even president and I've already created a lot of jobs).

  • As I opened several newspapers this morning, there were photos of Trayvon's family sitting in church bookended by both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (they also appear with family members on the cover of the Huffington Post).  These two race hustlers have a long history of exploiting family grief for 5 minutes and then disappearing back into the shadows just awaiting for another tragic incident to exploit. They did it during the Tawana Brawley hoax in addition to leading the phony charge against the Duke lacrosse players. Unfortunately, the media never holds either of these phonies accountable. In fact, they still continue to profit as exemplified by Sharpton actually having his own show on MSNBC. This gives an entirely new meaning to "absurdity," but that's what we've become in this culture---absurd and disturbing (as evidenced by the high ratings of shows like "Jersey Shore," "Mob Wives" and other trash on television).

  • At least there's one reasonable black leader. Rev. Bryant, a former NAACP executive above, also said Sharpton and Jackson are exploiting this family.  He went so far as to describe them as "buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy." And he's right.  In addition, and as I wrote yesterday, he added that there is an epidemic of black-on-black crime and hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson ignore that issue.  Also as reported yesterday on this very blog, Rev. Bryant said, "Why isn't somebody angry about the 6 year old girl who was killed on her steps last weekend in a cross fire when two gang members in Chicago start shooting at each other?" (just a reminder, there were 10 murdered that weekend and 39 people were shot).
  • I've also read more information coming out about Travon, some of it not to flattering. My position, as it has been all along, is let this play out with the grand jury. And if they think it warrants a trial, let's see what judgement comes out of it. I think it's way, way to early to come to any judgement about happened. Don't fall into the trap that the Sharpton's are trying to set. More important, don't behave the way he does. His behavior lacks any moral character and devoid of any honor whatsoever.
  • The New Black Panther Party, Eric Holder's buddies, have posted a $10,000 reward on Zimmerman's head. And Trayvon's family is seeking to trademark his name. The exploitation is so conspicuous is makes me want to hurl.
  • By the way, has anyone ever seen this type of outpouring of grief for any of our returning fallen troops?

  • But you know what really makes me want to hurl? It's being reported that Jane Fonda, back-stabbing bitch, will star in a movie portraying Nancy Reagan. Hollywood has no shame.

  • Several things we do know about the Supreme Court review of ObamaCare. It appears they will be reviewing the "mandate" today. Also, one can actually predict some outcomes already. The Court could uphold the entire law, parts of it, kick the can down the road or declare it unconstitutional. So which outcome are you betting on? Consider this: if the mandate is judged to be constitutional, what else can the government mandate us to do? The regulations alone will be a bureaucratic nightmare. As the Congressional Budget Office reported last week, the cost is double what the administration said it would be---about $2 trillion (that will increase even more before this is all done. The real costs have not even kicked in yet as increases in payroll tax to fund Medicare, fees imposed on health companies and much, much more).

  • Could this finding be the final nail in the global warming coffin? A team of scientists from Syracuse University found that global warming took place during the medieval period followed by a "mini ice age." Oh, yea, one more thing: the earth warmed without the aid of CO2 emissions. Has anyone seen that big, fat, fake, phony and fraud, Al Gore lately? Just askin'. (UK Mail)