Monday, March 26, 2012

ObamaCare: You Don't Own Me; Administration's Mixed Messages on Energy; Selective Outrage; PC Absurdity in NY City Schools; Slo Joe's Brain Might Be the Problem; PC Gone Wild

From The Onion's Science and Technology News: "Study finds newborn infants can tell if parents are losers."

  • For most younger folks out there, they probably never heard of Lesley Gore or her hit song, "You Don't Own Me." Near the end of that song, She sings the lyrics, "I'm free and I love to be free..." I heard the song recently. It popped into my mind this morning as I was reading articles regarding the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments this week on ObamaCare. For example, George Will reminded his readers that ObamaCare is the first time Congress used a law "from which there is no escape." In short, the law is coercive. He cites precedent law that contracts, to be binding, must not be made under any restraint or fear of their persons, otherwise they are void. But under ObamaCare, the government compels individuals to enter into a contract. If individuals refuse, they are subject to penalties and fines. In other words---there is no escape. In other words---the government owns you. We can only pray the Supreme Court does the right thing and heeds Lesley Gore's refrain to the Obama administration and Congress: "You don't own me."

  • Have you noticed something in the last several years, especially during the debate on ObamaCare? The proponents always brought up the "great" universal health care provided by many European countries like Britain. Have you noticed another phenomena? They don't bring that argument up anymore because most of Europe is flat broke. And one of many reasons it's flat broke is that it's been providing freebies---like healthcare---to its citizens for over 30 years.

  • I've always reminded my friends and readers not to only focus on Pres. Obama, but instead focus the people he surrounds himself with from his many czars to his staff. So last week, we saw Pres. Obama touting his energy policy even supporting the development of the southern portion of the Keystone pipeline (but not yet the northern---interesting dilemma: how can oil flow through a pipeline that will not have hundreds of miles opened or developed? In other words, the president is promoting a half-pipline. Nice trick if you can get away with it). Yet, he appointed a Sect. of the Interior, former Sen. Ken Salazar, who famously said even if the price of oil reached 10 bucks a gallon, he would not support new offshore drilling.  And his current energy secretary, Steven Chu, once said he'd like to see similar high European gas prices here in the United States.

  • As I've written on this blog several times, it appears Zimmerman, the man who allegedly shot Trayvon Martin, appeared to act recklessly, especially when you listen to that 911 recording. A grand jury should be called to look at this incident. Nevertheless, we still don't know the specifics of the actual confrontation (although a witness has now come forward). Yet, we hear from politicians like Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia (a guy I like) call the shooting an assassination. How does he know that? He was not there (but he's the mayor of Philadelphia, a city that has horrific black-on-black crime and homicides). In addition, the president of the United States should not interject himself in these type of incidents. Moreover, the selective outrage and hysteria of the media, pundits and politicians is outrageous. In Chicago recently, ten people were killed and 39 others were wounded on just one weekend. One of the victims as a 6 year old girl who was murdered in a drive-by shooting. So I'm left with a question for many of these hypocrites. Why do many African Americans, liberal pundits and politicians have little to say when it comes to black on black crime, but they demand justice when a white or non-black kills a black person? It's called selective outrage and it's morally wrong. Demand justice for everyone, regardless of the color of their skin.
  • Question: Why is the media only showing the photo of Trayvon when he was about 12 years old?
  • How absurd has political correctness become? The NY City Department of Education has published a list of words and phrases that are not permitted to be used. Why? Because the words and phrases "could evoke unpleasant emotions in students. And what are some of these words? The list is two pages long, but here are some examples. The word "dinosaur" cannot be used because it calls to mind evolution. Birthdays are not to be celebrated because some religions do not celebrate birthdays. Halloween suggest paganism. Other words include: cancer, abuse, cigarettes, divorce, homelessness, holidays, poverty, religion, sex, slavery, terrorism, weapons, and even "dancing," although the exception is made for ballet.  You think I'm kidding. Check it out yourself in the NY Post today. Responding to this idiocy. Columbia University prof Deanna Kuhn said, "...controversial topics...ones that are the subject of political debate, are exactly what students should be reasoning about."
  • Time of a short history lesson, especially for those who attended public school. For example, I wonder how many citizens know that 94% of Republicans voted for the Voting Rights Act in 1965 while 73% of Democrats did. In fact, 82% of Republicans in the Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act while only 69% of Democrats did. End of history lesson for today.

  • Regarding Slo Joe Biden's many gaffs perhaps I've been a tad too rough on the good Senator. Many people probably don't recall that Slo Joe suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm many years ago. An internist in training surmises that many of Slo Joe's bizarre comments might be related to a dysfunctional frontal lobe that normally acts as our filter. It helps in impulse control. So the internist concluded, Biden NY Post