Monday, October 22, 2012

Benghazi Just Symptomatic Of Obama's Failed Foreign Policy; Vegetarians: Cows Shit on Your Food; Armstrong Stripped of His 7 Tour Titles

A 96 year-old man became the word's oldest father in India. His wife gave birth to a beautiful 62-year old baby boy...Leno

  • Tonight's debate will largely focus on foreign policy. And while Romney's foreign policy experience may be lacking, Obama's appears to be a total failure.
  • The Benghazi attack is just one recent glaring example of the administration's failed foreign policy (It's now become increasingly clear, our ambassador and staff were left defenseless in the face of the enemy. Not only were several requests for additional security denied prior to the attack, but there are now reports that military drones actually captured the attack on film yet the military was not dispatched to help our staff. We had fighters and AC-130 gunships stationed nearby).
  • Prior to the Benghazi attack, the administration was in denial of the continued threat of al-Qaeda (In fact, they rarely use the phrase "Islamist terror" or "War on Terror'). Israel has often been treated with disdain as evidenced by Pres. Obama failing to meet with Israel's PM Netanyahu regarding Iran's threats (yet having enough time to appear on TV shows and fundraisers). China and Russia have been flexing their muscles in the last year in addition to supporting Iran, North Korea and Syria. It's becoming increasingly likely that the Taliban is gaining strength in Afghanistan again. Egypt is now in the hands of the Islamic Brotherhood. So much for the Arab Spring (always been a myth anyway).
  • With regard to Europe, who knows what the Obama administration policies are across the pond. They appear to be ambiguous at the least. One thing is certain, Europe has been looking to Washington for leadership, and they've found it lacking. If that's not bad enough, Obama's foreign policy on Central and South America has also lacked clarity. Hugo Chavez won another term as president of Venezuela. Cuba is still within the Marxist sphere of influence. Just as disturbing, there are signs of anti-Americanism rising in Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua (with them, it's nothing new).

  • And hovering over Obama's foreign policy in the last four years has been the penchant to blame America first. This was evidenced by current Obama advisor Samantha Power who wrote in The New Republic in 2003: "Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors."  In fact, Obama himself said this at the Economic School in Moscow in 2009: "A great power does not show strength by dominating or demonizing other countries."
  • One picture emerges clearly for Mitt Romney: he has a lot to work with tonight.
  • But, in some odd way, all this bad foreign policy news helps Obama. It takes the voters' attention away from the lousy economy.
  • And there was more good news for the Obama campaign. They now have endorsements from Castro, Chavez and Putin. Coincidentally, all Commies.
  • Gallup, as of today, has Romney up by seven, 52-45%.

  • Remember Sandra Fluke? Who can forget? She became the darling of the Obama administration for insurance coverage for contraceptives. Well, she was in Reno campaigning for Obama in front of a "whopping" 10 people according to reports.
  • Have you noticed an interesting phenomena occurring with the Obama campaign? They now lack any substance. They've resorted to bumper-sticker mentality in attacking Romney while focusing on "binders, " "Big Bird" and the latest: Romnesia. I happen to think that's why Obama's numbers are heading south. Most Americans can see through this garbage.
  • Speaking of garbage, I saw a great cartoon. It showed a cow standing in a pasture. The bubble over the cow's head said: "To vegetarians: My food sh!ts on your food."
  • It really comes as no surprise to many who follow professional cycling. Lance Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles by the International Cycling Union. That covers the period 1999-2005 where no cyclist will be so honored. There's a reason for that. Doping appears to be a problem throughout the sport.