Thursday, October 25, 2012

Benghazi Scandal: White House Credibility in Shreds; Gender Gap Is History; Detroit News Endorses Romney; Romney's growth Agenda

"...sales of Obama {Halloween} masks are 30% higher than sales of Romney masks. That makes sense. I mean, what's scarier than four more years of this economy."...Leno

  • I've written about the Benghazi scandal on several occasions. In fact, The Political War Zone was one of the first publications to clearly show this incident was either a coverup or systemic incompetence or both. It now appears this scandal is a coverup. On Tuesday, emails by several agencies revealed the White House Situation Room was informed al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack (USA TODAY reports {"U.S. Knew Of Terror Claims In Libya Attack"} the emails were received Sept. 11 by the State Department's Operations Center and sent immediately to the White House). The Situation Room received this information within two hours of the initial assault on the consulate. This means the White House and State Department lied to the American people when they continued to claim a non-existent anti-Muslim film was the reason the consulate was attacked when they knew otherwise. In addition, they continued to use the film as a reason for the attack two weeks later. In other words, the Obama administration and the State Department knew there was an email trail in conflict with their story, but decided to continue lying to the American people. We also now know---from reports last week---there was a CIA drone in the sky over the consulate as the attack took place.
  • Perhaps almost as disturbing, to date, nobody has been fired for this FUBAR (military term meaning: F--ked Up Beyond All Recognition). In my opinion, the credibility of the White House is now in shreds.
  • And keep in mind, instead of calling an intelligence briefing meeting, Obama headed off to Vegas for a fund raiser right after the attack on the embassy.
  • The fact is even if Obama wins the election, Benghazi will continue to haunt his administration.
  • Gen. Jim Jones, former Obama National Security advisor, told PBS that there has been no progress in the Middle East under Obama.

  • As recently as two months ago, Obama had a healthy 16 point lead among women. And, after the last debate, I predicted women would continue moving in Romney's direction because of Obama's mocking attacks (re: the Navy). An AP poll reports today that Romney now leads among women 47-45%.
  • How desperate is the Obama campaign? Bill Clinton will be joining Obama on the campaign trail on Monday. But need I remind you. Just last week, Bill Clinton said: "It's true, we're not fixed." (referring to the U.S. economy).
  • Memo to Ohio Auto Workers: The Detroit News just announced their endorsement of Romney. This morning so did the NY Post.
  • According to the World Economic Forum, the U.S. is now ranked seventh of 144 nations. In 2008, we were ranked: #1.
  • In the Fact Checking Wars, Obama is losing. Real Clear Politics. In fact, the RCP's averages of all polls now show Romney in the lead among all polls and he leads in electoral votes.
  • I think the reasons for Romney's momentum are clear. His plan rests on boosting businesses (and entrepreneurs), tapping our vast energy reserves, reducing spending, lowering taxes, and modernizing entitlements. In other words, a growth agenda.

  • As Obama crowds become increasingly smaller, Romney's rallies continue to expand. See image above in CO recently.