Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Obama Legacy: Frightening

Hurricane Sandy Has Already Created More Jobs Than Obama Has...Leno

With only 5 days left to the election, let's take one last look at the Obama Legacy. I warn you: it's frightening:

  • Just reported today, two-thirds of jobs created under Obama (and there have not been many) went to legal and illegal immigrants. Washington Times from The Center for Immigration Studies and DOL.
  • 44.5 million people on food stamps.
  • Almost $72 billion spent on food stamps in 2011 alone.
  • Poverty rate in 2011: 15.1% (up from 12.4% in 2008)
  • Black unemployment stands at about 14.1%.
  • Hispanic unemployment rate stands at about 11.1%.
  • 23 million people either unemployed or underemployed.
  • 4.8 million number of long-term unemployed as of Oct. 2012.
  • Approximately 683,000 women have lost their jobs under Obama.
  • Dozens upon dozens of failed green initiatives similar to Solyndra with billions wasted of taxpayer money.
  • $1.7T estimated cost of ObamaCare by 2022.
  • ObamaCare to impose almost $570B in new taxes and fees (ObamaCare has already spiked insurance premiums).
  • 30 million will still be without health care in 2022.
  • 1 in 2 college grads cannot find meaningful full-time employment.
  • 1 million, the number of homeless students, 18 and under, during the 2010-2011 school year.
  • Teenage unemployment stands at about 24%.

  • Number of bank failures in 2012: 92. Number in 2008: 25.
  • GDP (economic growth) in 2008: #13.2T. In 2001: $13.3. That's a growth rate of a "whopping "0.8%.
  • Home foreclosure rate in 2008: 0.88%. In 2011: 1.27%.
  • Fuel prices: In 2008: $1.85 average. In 2012: $3.80 average.
  • Aug. 5, 2011: The credit rating of the U.S. downgraded from AAA for the first time in American history.
  • Jan. 18, 2012, Obama rejects construction of Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Sept. 4, 2012, national debt exceeds $16 trillion.
  • 2012: Fourth straight year of budget deficits exceeding $1 trillion.
  • Benghazi
  • Fast and Furious
  • Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Russia, China---Obama's failings in foreign policy.
  • No plans, to date, on how to handle the approaching "fiscal cliff" where as many as 2 million more jobs can be lost next year and taxes can rise $2000-3500 on each American household.
  • On Nov. 16, 2009, Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor.
  • On April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon explodes. Obama did not have a press conference on the spill until May 27, 2010.
  • In 2010, Obama's hold a state dinner for Mexico's president, Felipe Calderon. Beyonce is the guest performer. Cost: $969,793.00
Had enough?

Sources: FastCheck, USA TODAY, DOL, Huffington Post, NY Post, Drudge, Congressional Budget Office,  and countless others.