Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is The Recovery An Illusion?; The Myth of Arab Spring Continues; False Perceptions of Republicans Hinder Their Economic Plans; When Will Hillary Testify RE: Benghazi?

When President Obama and President Obama played golf recently, Clinton asked Obama what his handicap was and Obama said, Joe Biden...Leno

  • Let's be very clear (to paraphrase Pres. Obama), for many Americans the recovery is an illusion. For example, in Miami County, Ohio, the unemployment rate is 16%. The number of children in poverty in 2008 was 1,900. Today, the number stands at 6,000. Sadly, while there are some counties in the country that are doing relatively well, there are a countless number similar to Miami County in Ohio. Currently, the overall poverty rate in America is 15% with over 46 million on food stamps. USA Today
  • Detroiters are telling Pres. Obama: we voted for you; it's time you bail us out. In other words, Detroit, a city that have never handled its own finances well, wants taxpayers to bail them out. If a precedent is set with Detroit, there are many other cities that will line up right behind them.
  • Occasionally, pigs do fly. In USA Today's editorial they actually had to admit the Republicans counter offer to the Dems (regarding the fiscal cliff) is "superior to the Obama offer."
  • The "Myth" of the Arab Spring continues. Pres. Obama's buddy, Pres. Morsi of Egypt, appears to be a trouble. While the Muslim Brotherhood called for a rally in support of Morsi, political leftists are counter demonstrating with over 100,000 demonstrators on the streets.  It got so bad yesterday, Morsi fled his palace in Cairo (It's not good in the Arab world to be perceived as having "fled"). Whatever happens, I suspect the Muslim Brotherhood will still win this battle. They have all the money.

  • Some of this is the direct fault of Obama administration's poor foreign policy. This administration just keeps taking its eye of the ball. They did it with Syria. They did it with Libya. They are now doing it with Egypt.
  • NBC is now reporting sex mobs are targeting women in Egypt. If you recall, it was CBS News' Lara Logan who was sexually attacked while reporting in Tahrir Square last year.
  • Republicans will always be at a disadvantage when it comes to anything to do with the economy or finances. The fiscal cliff negotiations illustrate this well (you can refer to my previous posts regarding the specifics of these negotiations. Quite frankly, I'm getting exhausted listening to that crap anymore). Dems are perceived as "givers." And it's an accurate perception to a large degree. They like to give others freebies at the expense of other Americans.  Republicans, on the other hand, are perceived as those who "take away" the freebies. Democrats are perceived as being on the side of the poor and middle class while Republicans are perceived as being cozy with the rich (the truth is both parties are cozy with the wealthy since they both want their money. As an example, just do some research on how many former Wall Streeters are working or have worked in the Obama administration. Let me save you some time: many). Those perceptions are tough nuts to crack.

  • In case you missed it, do you know who Obama consulted with yesterday at the White House regarding the fiscal cliff and taxes? MSNBC hosts. Yep, he actually sat down with the likes of Al Sharpton. Any rational American has to shutter when he/she gives this any ounce of consideration.
  • The IRS now has 159 more pages to address ObamaCare. Those tax increases are coming.
  • I wonder how many Americans know that Pelosi, leader in the House, and Harry Reid, leader in the Senate, have not accomplished anything in the last 4 years. In fact, Reid has blocked a federal budget for 4 years now.
  • The Benghazi coverup continues. For example, when the hell is Hillary going to testify? When are witnesses going to testify?