Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fiscal Cliff: Pres. Obama's Arrogance On Full Display; The Other Fiscal Cliff: ObamaCare; American Media's Delusional View of Egyptian Turmoil; Will Michelle Obama Run For President?

UPS Reports Troubling Drop In Residents Answering Doors In Lingerie...The Onion

  • After seeing the offensive offer the Obama administration made to the Republicans regarding averting the fiscal cliff, one has to wonder if this president actually enjoys alienating Republicans. He alienated the Republicans on first stimulus program (in the current fiscal talks, he wants yet another $50B in stimulus). He alienated Republicans with ObamaCare. And then he sends out little, tax-evader Timmy Geithner, Sect of Treasury, to meet with leading Republicans. And what does little Timmy do? He presented a fantasy proposal to avert an economic meltdown.
  • The Republicans made a counter-offer yesterday that was also not well received by the administration and the Democrats (as, I am sure, Democrats fully expected). In short, Republicans want to drop the top income-tax rate below the current 35% (Obama wants it raised to 39.6%). Republicans also presented $800B in added tax revenue by closing loopholes and ending deductions for special interests.  They proposed $600B spending cuts in government health care programs including Medicare and $300M in government agency cuts. Their proposal continues the Bush tax cuts including on the wealthy. The Hill + NY Post
  • With Pres. Obama's arrogance on full display, even if he wins this fiscal cliff battle, he will have created more bitterness, hostility and rancor.
  • If we do go over this cliff, keep in mind, it's not the only cliff we will be encountering. ObamaCare related tax hikes go into effect in January especially higher tax rates on investments.

  • No where is the media's delusional view of the Arab Spring (a myth) than what is happening in Egypt.  This from the Baltimore Sun: "...For better or worse Egypt is now a democracy." Say friggin what? A democracy?  Just last week, Egyptian Pres. Morsi,  pulled a power play reminiscent of what dictators do. His government actually rejected a proposed article to the constitution banning human trafficking and sale of women and children. Democracy?
  • While I'm on delusional behavior, I can't let this one go by.  Raham Emanuel, Obama's former chief of staff and now failing mayor of Chicago, actually compared Pres. Obama to Lincoln. Perhaps Emanuel was referring to the vehicle and not Pres. Obama.
  • And then there's Samuel L. Jackson, another Hollywood nitwit, who referred to Michelle Obama as "Superwoman" and said she could be president. Trial balloon? After all, Hillary tried to do it.

  • John F. Kerry, the fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud will be appointed either Sect. of State or Defense. You heard it here first.