Monday, December 3, 2012

Obama Administration's Plan On Fiscal Cliff: Offensive; Pension Fiscal Cliff; The Death Of Free Speech in America's Colleges & Universities; EPA Nitwits Strike Again

Powerball Winners Already Divorced, Bankrupt...The Onion

  • Any reasonable observer of the negotiations involving the country's financial crisis has to be left wondering: What the f%#k is the Obama administration doing?  Last Thursday, the nation's tax evader-in-chief and Treasury Secretary---Little Tim Geithner, proposed the following package to the Republicans: $1.6T in tax INCREASES, $50B in new stimulus spending (you do recall how well the first $800B worked, don't you? Nearly a quarter of that stimulus went to states and local governments), a permanent raising of the debt limit (Oh yeah, it's a great idea to give the government that kind of power) and---a one-year deferral on spending cuts including $499B in future cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. Also, no entitlements were placed on the table. Since when has Congress ever kept any promises regarding cuts in spending? Not lately. No wonder Republicans laughed in little Timmy's face after he proposed this absolutely offensive and reckless plan.
  • Think about this for a moment. In the last 4 years, the Obama administration and Congress have damaged the economy, the overall medical and health insurance system and history's best military. In other words, they've weakened the country. And Republicans are suppose to trust these people?
  • There's yet another fiscal cliff that will affect millions of Americans who have pensions.  The Congressional Joint Economic Committee reported that the debt of state-run retirement systems is $3.5 trillion. That's one-quarter of our national debt. For example, the state of Illinois has less than 30% of the money needed to fund its pension obligations. California is in a similar situation.

  • I'm sure you've heard  countless stories of universities and colleges stifling of free speech on grounds of political correctness. But I betcha you don't know how bad it really is. Allow me to bestow upon you some examples.  At the University of Oklahoma, no university resources, including emails, can be used to forward political humor and commentary.  Rhode Island College actually prohibited---get the duct tape now---certain "attitudes." Texas A&M promised "freedom from indignity of any type." Perhaps one of the funniest came out of Drexel University in the City of Brotherly love. Drexel banned and forbade "inappropriate directed laughter." (I have to walk thru Drexel and U of Penn campuses when I go to the VA. I regularly laugh at the bozos I see on campus. I guess I should watch myself so I don't get banned from walking through campus). Oh, wait, you're gonna love this one. Texas Tech actually designated a 20 foot wide gazebo as the "free speech gazebo." How nice of Texas Tech.  NY Post
  • And you can't make this up. University of Wisconsin-Madison actually has a vice provost for DIVERSITY AND CLIMATE. I kid you not.
  • In 2005, NY City's EPA took a tile from the vacant Co-op City apartment. They said they found a trace of asbestos in the tile. So the EPA ordered asbestos abatement of over 15,000 apartments. The city later found no traces of asbestos. Cost to tenants: $20 million.
  • Breaking News: Reports coming out of Egypt say the Egyptian military will NOT oppose the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is allowing the military to keep much of its power. My readers might recall, right after Egypt dumped Mubarek and placed the military in charge, I wrote then that outcome cannot be a good one. I believe my claim has been vindicated. The Arab Spring continues to be a myth.