Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fiscal Deal Marked The Death Of Political Rational Behavior; Sandy's Pork Chops; Obama First The Savior Now He's Like Abe Lincoln

"Bush blamed for Katrina failures. Republican Congress blamed for Hurricane Sandy problems. Obama vacations in Hawaii." Tweet, S. Fricks

  • The Tweet above tells you all you need to know about Washington D.C. these days (include the presstitute media too).  But, of course, it goes much deeper than that.
  • Today there is no such thing as politically rational  behavior. If there was, they wouldn't wait to the last minute to attempt of solve some very serious fiscal problems (of course, they did not considering nothing was done about the unsustainable and mounting debt and the inexcusable deficits). In fact, less than 2 years after Pres. Obama was granted his wish to raise the debt limit, we've gone thru over $2T breaching a new ceiling (Democrats view that as good fiscal management and restraint).
  • So what's in store for the country "down the road"---you know, where they continue kicking the can?  Another battle will ensue over the debt ceiling and sequestration cuts. In other words, we're going to run out of money...again (we already have years ago, but we just love the ride, don't we?).
  • And remember, this great fiscal cliff deal we got yesterday will raise a "whopping" $620B over 10 years. We've had over $1T deficits in the last 4 years. You do the math.
  • And while the Democrats won't admit it, one of the winners yesterday was a guy in Texas. A majority of Democrats supported keeping Bush tax cuts.
  • The presstitute media would have us believe it was the Republicans holding the country hostage these past few months when it was the Democrats. As Jonathan Tobin of Commentary pointed out so well today: "...this time it was the Democrats who were the ones with the gun to the heads of the nation. It was either vote for a tax increase for some and no spending cuts or see middle-class America pay a terrible price." That's it in a nutshell.

  • There's another battle taking place. This time it's between the feds and some of the states hit by Hurricane Sandy. Let's be clear. There are many people who were slammed by Sandy that need some help. That's undeniable. But, again, rational behavior by many politicians appears to be lacking. As we now know, the aid package is cluttered with "pork" that should not be anywhere near the bill. Pork added by Democrats. What am I referring to?  How about $336 million for Amtrak, an organization that has historically mismanaged it's federal subsidies. Or $150 million for Alaskan fisheries. Or almost $60 million for forest restoration on private lands (I go to the Jersey shore quite often. I can vouch for you that I do not see a lot of trees growing on Jersey beaches). Or $8 million for the Justice Department to buy some new vehicles.

  • Since the movie "Lincoln" came out, many in the presstitute media have tried to portray Obama as "Lincolnesque." {Last week, that creep on "Meet The Oppressed," David Gregory, asked Obama whether this (fiscal cliff negotiations) was his "Lincoln moment"---you can heave now if you want). Once again, as Obama led from behind in yet another crisis, " he is far from being anything like Lincoln. If he's not the Messiah, then he's Lincoln. Christ, that side of the political isle is really friggin desperate.