Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pres. Obama Outed Himself In His Inaugural Speech; Presstitute Media Fawns Over Obama's Speech; Public Excitement Over Obama Has Tanked; Prince Harry: A Badass; Stop With The Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Already

I asked my doctor what's the difference between a cold and the flu. He said about $80....Letterman

  • If there was anyone left in American who wondered whether Pres. Obama is a Leftist, that doubt was erased in the president's inaugural speech yesterday. While some parts were fine,  many other components he uttered yesterday were progressive code, e.g., collective, climate change, etc. There is also no doubt he targeted his liberal base. Even USA Today's editorial pointed out "The 18-minute speech was less an appeal for unity than a campaign-style call to the base..." Yet, issues important to many Americans such as the national debt was mentioned only once. In addition, there were conspicuous delusional elements. For example, he actually said, "a decade of war is now ending." While I'm sure he was referring to Iraq and Afghanistan, how could he say that with what al-Qaeda is now doing in West Africa? Or what occurred in Benghazi over 4 months ago? As I've written many times, even the Arab Spring is a myth. Instead it's become an appendage of terrorism. And it still remains a mystery how the administration will deal with Iran's nuclear threat. Perhaps his State of the Union will target the real issues such as his failed economic policies, his failed foreign policy, etc.
  • It's also clear that Obama believes in big government. But those who support this ideology are blind to one clear fact: the government never asks us to do something; it forces us to do things as evidenced by ObamaCare and even the military draft (I've often wondered how this new generation would react to a draft. "You mean I can't have access to my IPad or my cell phone during basic training?").

  • Yesterday, many of the presstitutes fawned over the president's speech just as they did in 2009. Perhaps John Podhoretz said it best: "...the vast majority of the press corps, who treated the day as they they were attendees at a family bar mitzvah..." A CNN reporter said he felt like "pinching himself" he was so excited. And I'm sure Chris Mathews felt that tingle down his leg again. 
  • But the same can't be said about the public. In U.S. News and World Report today: "There were signs that the excitement and energy that Obama inspired four years ago have substantially diminished."
  • More evidence that Democrats can't help overspending. In NYC, NY state senators who have all exceeded their office-rent allowance ($40 grand a year) are all democrats.NY Post
  • In Australia, libraries moved all books about Lance Armstrong into their "fiction" section.
  • Yo to those folks who keep trying to say that the Sandy Hook shootings were a conspiracy--stop it already. That's like saying Mumia didn't murder Officer Danny Faulkner or a plane didn't hit the Pentagon on 9/11. It's nutty talk.

  • The more I read about Prince Harry, the more I like the guy.  He flies Apache helicopters. He's also a gunner. He's on his third tour in Afghanistan. He said recently you kill those who want to kill your guys. He added, "You take a life to save a life."