Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Crocodile Tears Re: Benghazi; Our Misguided Strategy Toward al-Qaeda

"Somewhere in a long forgotten trailer park, Milli Vanilli just threw a bottle of Jack Daniels through their TV set." Tweet regarding Beyonce's lip singing to National Anthem

  • Keep this in mind. As you listen to Hillary Clinton's testimony to Congress today, the Accountability Review Board found significant "systemic failures" regarding the State Department's response and handling of the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. Yet, to date, no one has been held accountable (although Hillary did take responsibility right before she suffered her concussion). No one, to date, has been fired. No one. So Hillary, spare us the crocodile tears.
  • To me, her testimony sounded like she thought Benghazi was just a bump in the road. 
  • And it was the father of Tyrone Woods who was livid at the manner in which the administration and State Department handled the crisis. He was also livid at Slo Joe Biden for Joe's inappropriate comments to him. According to Charles Woods, Slo Joe asked him: "Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?" As Mr. Woods remarked, "Are those the words of someone who is sorry?" I'll answer that. They are the words of a friggin knucklehead. UK Mail
  • "Intelligence Experts Wonder Whether U.S. Strategy Is Misguided." USA Today.  For over a year now, I and many others have been critical of the Obama administration's response to al-Qaeda. As the administration was telling the American people---during the campaign---that they have al-Qaeda on the run, al-Qaeda was running alright---straight to Africa. Terrorist groups with ties to al-Qaeda are now operating openly in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and Libya.
  • A woman who runs a small business admitted she was proud America elected a black man as president. But after listening to the inaugural speech, she said: "He's not talking to me."
  • I could really care less if Beyonce lip sung the "The Star Spangled Banner." But the entire day cost over $100 million. For that, we get someone faking it? Should surprise no one. This administration fakes everything.
  • Inauguration viewership was down 50% from 2009.
  • New York City---with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation admitted---yesterday that crime among legal gun owners (about 100,000 in NYC) are very few. In fact, one official stated it's in the "several" incidents. NY Post
  • Union membership has fallen to a 70 year low. In 2012 alone, they lost over 400,000 members. In fact, unions lost more membership under 4 years of Obama than under 8 years under Bush. Detroit News + Examiner