Monday, January 28, 2013

The Political Class Keeps Flipping Us The Bird; Harry Reid: A Depressing Little Prick; Obama Confessed He Goes Shooting All The Time; Stimulus Was Really $7.7T

Iran released a report that they sent a monkey into space. Unfortunately it was not

  • There is no doubt in my mind the political class and elite keep flipping us the bird. And I'm referring to both parties. This was in evidence with the two recent testimonies in Congress last week by Hillary Clinton + that fake, phony and back stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry.
  • If you were able to bear Kerry's confirmation hearing, he said absolutely nothing. In fact, even the presstitutes at The Washington Post wrote: "Kerry outlined no grand agenda for the next four years."
  • And then there was Hillary Clinton's testimony. With the exception of two senators, she was treated with kid gloves even after saying at one point, "What difference, at this point, does it make." referring to the four dead Americans in Benghazi. For the record Mrs. Clinton, your failed leadership made all the difference between life and death on that September day.

  • Another one of many other examples includes Sen. Harry Reid who is still holding up the federal budget in the Senate for over 4 years now. And be reminded, ObamaCare was passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve.
  • By the way, have you ever seen such a depressing little prick like Harry Reid in your life?
  • "I thought Obama was supposed to save us. I thought the rich were supposed to get taxed," said mental health counselor, Tyrone Brown after opening his paycheck this week. Dumbass.
  • "Pres. Obama confessed he goes shooting all the time. He said he likes to shoot at clay pigeons. No mention of whether he also shoots at golf balls.
  • USA Today is reporting nearly half of college grads are overqualified for their jobs. For example, in 1970 only 1% of college grads were cab drivers. Today it's up to 15%. In that same year, college grads made up 5% of sales clerks. Today it's 25%.
  • In case you missed the news, Staten Island Sandy victims are still living in tents. In addition to that, FEMA's repairs suck according to many Sandy victims. NY Post + USA Today
  • The issue regarding whether women should be in combat should not be about gender, it should be about ability and maintaining standards.
  • Betcha didn't know the real number for Obama's stimulus package was $7.7T not the less than a trillion told us 3 years ago. That's according to KKR, an investment firm. Numbers include $29B for Bear Stearns, $25B for auto bailout, $400B to Fannie and Freddie, $700B for TARP, $275B for home owners bailout and much more. 

  • Mellisa Harris Perry of MSNBC admitted that many progressives still despise the military. So what else is new? They hired the race-baiting ahole above.