Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Legal Immigration Is A Path To Citizenship; Illegal Immigration Jumped 9% Last Year; What Has Hillary Really Accomplished?

Iran has successfully sent a monkey into space. Has anyone seen Slo Joe Biden lately? ...me

  • I happen to be an immigrant. It's why I have a great deal of empathy for those immigrants who want to become citizens legally. It's also why I have a great deal of concern for the plans currently being considered in dealing with what is commonly called a "pathway to citizenship." There is no doubt that we need a comprehensive plan to deal with the over 11 million illegal immigrants in the country today (the number is probably higher). But do we do that at the expense of undermining the rule of law? As even USA Today pointed out: "For liberals, the Senate group's path to citizenship is too long and onerous. Well, too bad. There should be some cost to breaking the law." Speeding up the pathway to citizenship for those who have entered the country illegally would certainly be an affront to those immigrants who follow our laws on their journey to citizenship. And does anyone believe that lawmakers would be speeding up the pathway to citizenship of a majority of illegal immigrants were from  countries outside of  Mexico and other Latin American countries?
  • And don't believe a word about the law requiring enforcing border security before any comprehensive plan is passed. Because once the law if passed, border enforcement will be placed on the back burner as it has always been.
  • Having said this, I do support some form of the Dream Act. I don't like the fact that children brought here by the parents illegally should shoulder the consequences of the sins of their parents. For those illegal immigrants, I would support special considerations, e.g. if they serve in the military, they should be fast tracked to citizenship.
  • Again, as USA Today's editorial correctly points out regarding speeding up citizenship for illegal immigrants: "That would be a huge slap in the face to those who played by the rules." In other words, we already have laws enabling immigrants to become citizens. It's called legal immigration.
  • To those Hispanics who keep criticizing Republicans for not wanting to do anything with illegal immigration, Pres. George W. Bush, along with Sen. McCain, presented a plan in 2007 that had bi-partisan support but failed to get any traction.
  • By the way, ICE is reporting that illegal immigration jumped 9% last year. Also, apprehensions have decreased by 50% since 2008.

  • I continue to find the adoration for Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State perplexing and disturbing. What has she really accomplished in her four years in that position? The truthful answer is very little. As John Podhoretz wrote recently, "She {Hillary} does not have a single significant diplomatic achievement in her name." In fact, as he also makes clear, most of the praise for Hillary is specific to celebrating her relentless traveling schedule." The fact is her legacy is empty. But you will never hear or read that by most of the presstitutes in the media.
  • And if you need proof about her tenure, as well as Pres. Obama's strategy of "leading from behind," all you need to do is look at what is happening today in Syria, Libya (Benghazi), Egypt, North Africa (where al-Qaeda has established itself firmly),  Russia, Iran and N. Korea.
  • But someone knows how to lead from behind. New York magazine on Mayor Bloomberg, ignoring a comment on gun control and instead focusing on a woman in a tight-fitting dress: "Look at that ass."