Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Economy Tanks: GDP:- 0.1%; Occupy Wall Street Outed As Frauds; Sheriffs Tell Obama Admin + Congress Don't Push It On Gun Control; Egypt: We Dumped Murbarak For This?; Al Gore: America's Premier Phony

Apple has reported a drop in profits this quarter, a big drop. Experts warn that Apple could run out of money...600 years from now...Conan

  • I've been reporting for years now that this economy continues to tank even as the Obama administration and his enabling presstitutes try to tell us otherwise. Once again, the proof is in the numbers. The GDP rate was a pathetic -0.1% for the last quarter--it contracted even after trillions of dollars in stimulus money. That growth is similar to what is happening in Europe today. So as Wall Street continues to show some impressive numbers, main street continues to struggle. But does anyone think this is surprising news to those on main street considering 22+ million people continue to be either unemployed or underemployed? I don't think so. Add to these numbers, the poverty rate and those on food stamps, the distressing GDP number should be a concern to every American.

  • My regular readers know I've been calling Occupy Wall Street a bunch of fake, phonies, frauds, misfits and frauds for a long time. Well, they've been outed. CUNY's Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies reported that many of the OWS protesters were rich, white, educated and working. In fact, a third of the phonies came from households making over $100K a year.  "Occupy Wall Street was not a spontaneous eruption...," according to the study. "It's a pretty affluent demographic and highly educated."
  • Sheriffs across the country are sending a strong message to the Obama administration. In short, they let the administration know---in writing---that they will defy an enforcement of gun laws that are contrary to the Second Amendment. In Utah alone, 28 of the state's 29 sheriffs sent a letter to Obama stating clearing they will enforce the rights guaranteed under the Constitution." USA Today

  • We dumped the former president of Egypt---Hosni Mubarak for this? What did we get in return? The Muslim Brotherhood who are now imposing martial law and pushing Sharia law. The current president, Mohammed Morsi, is on record calling Jews "apes and pigs." And we've decided to give these thugs f-16's and Abrams tanks? Insane.

  • Even the Left is having a problem with Al Gore's recent actions. Namely, for those who have not heard yet, he sold his network, Current TV, to Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera is partially sponsored by big oil. So it was a surprise to watch Matt Lauer take it to Gore this week. Lauer, to his credit, pointed out Gore's conspicuous hypocrisy. But it goes much deeper than that. The Left, those who adored Gore, are now finding it difficult to defend this hypocritical prick.