Thursday, January 31, 2013

Presstitute Media Declares Economic Numbers Not That Bad; Israel Did The World A Favor; Charles Albert Poland: A Hero

According to a new poll, 50% say the country is divided. The other 50% think it isn't...Leno

  • Yesterday, the nation's economic "growth" retracted. As reported, it came in at a miserable -0.1%. That was the first retraction in over 3 years. Yet, the presstitutes in the media declared: "Dip In Economy Not So Bad." (USA Today headline). Their headline came in right before today's first time unemployment claims were reported. Those claims jumped significantly over last week by 38,000 to 368,000. The presstitutes just can't help themselves.
  • It's easy for the Feds to keep bullsh!tting us since they just print more money. They also reported they will continue buying $85B in bonds---a month. Remember, someone once said, "Talk is cheap except when Congress does it."
  • In addition to the news above, Pres. Obama has decided to ditched the Jobs Council he has not met with for over a year.
  • Some in Congress who support a comprehensive immigration policy are declaring they will not support such legislation unless the borders are better enforced and more secure. Mark my words folks: Congress will just make a declaration that the borders are secure even when they are not. But common sense tells anyone unless we enforce border security it would be like bailing out a boat without plugging up the holes first.
  • Pew Research reported today that 1 in 7 adults now support their parents and their kids. Obama's legacy continues.

  • If reports are accurate that Israel attacked military targets on the Syrian-Lebanese border, they did the world a favor. It is believed the Israeli Air Force hit a convoy carrying advanced Russian SA-17 surface-to-air missiles. It's now clear that Iran and Syria are also arming Hezbollah. Israel did the right thing. And reports must be true since Iran and Syria threatened to retaliate against Israel.
  • And, of course, the Obama administration followed through on the deal sending F-16's to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood government. I mean---what could happen?
  • Don't forget this name: Charles Albert Poland. He's the bus driver who was shot and killed by that psycho in Alabama as Poland tried to protect the children on the school bus.

  • As Chuck Hagel---nominee for Sect of Defense--- gets grilled in Congress today (and early reports are he's really screwing up bad), bear in mind that Hillary was hailed for the "great job" she did. And when you think about how loosely these pricks in Congress use terminology like "great" in describing someone like her, I want you to think about what's happening today in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, N. Korea and other parts of N. Africa where al-Qaeda has now set up camp. Then you'll understand how meaningless their praise is of any politician. 
  • By the way, al-Qaeda threatened a "shocking" attack on us on a pro-Islmists web site. Washington Times