Friday, February 1, 2013

The Obama Era: The Age of Stupid; Chuck Hagel: A Real Scary Dude; Dan Marino's Quick Release

Paranoid Syrian Man Thinks Government Out To Get Him...The Onion

  • If things remain as bad as they are for the next four years, I predict historians will proclaim the Obama era as The Age of Stupid (I'm assuming historians in the future will not be stupid. I know that's also a bold prediction). If, however, they are not dishonest, what other conclusion is left available to them? Consider the facts: After 4 years in office, unemployment is now officially higher than when Pres. Obama took office (and the high levels of  black unemployment should embarrass this president). Poverty rates are at record levels. Food stamp lines continue to grow by the thousands each week. ObamaCare, as predicted by its critics, will not reduce health care costs. Our foreign policy is out of control as evidenced by what is occurring globally (almost every region Hillary Clinton touched turned to sh!t). Add Benghazi and Fast and Furious to this mess. His administration's green energy initiatives have been a total failure and cost American taxpayers billions (there have been more than 10 failures similar to Solyndra). Trillions in stimulus money spent in the last four years got us to where we started 4 years ago (perhaps worse). Quite frankly, I can spend several pages on Obama's failures. I'll defer it to history.
  • Of course, one cannot neglect the millions who voted for Obama. That's the icing on the cake for the Age of Stupid.
  • By the way, speaking of stupid, you have to listen to some of Chuck Hagel's testimony at his confirmation hearing. He was conspicuously incoherent, confused and he contradicted himself on several occasions. In fact, he actually said: "If confirmed, I intend to know a lot more than I do." He was speaking about the position of Secretary of Defense, the position for which he was nominated by Pres. Obama. So our military will be led by this moron?

  • If he gets confirmed, we'll have Slo Joe Biden, Hagel and J. F. Kerry. That should scare every American.
  • But leaving it up to the presstitutes, well that's another story. Yesterday, I wrote about how the presstitute media was spinning the horrific GDP numbers. Today, they are doing the same with unemployment rising to 7.9%. If you read the AP reports, you would think the economy is smoking hot right now. In fact, over 8M left the workforce in Obama's first term.
  • Tweet by the Daily Show regarding Dan Marino's admission of a love child. "Marino admits to secret love child. Officials grew suspicious when child kept chocking on final exams."