Monday, February 4, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Legacy: The Spin Continues; Obama Remains Aloof; Disconnect In Economic Numbers; Benghazi; Super Bowl Power Outage + Mine

Donald Trump is claiming Obama is not legally president since Beyonce lip sinced the National Anthem during inauguration...paraphrasing Leno

  • As many in the presstitute, knee-pad media continue to praise Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State for the sole purpose of positioning her for a 2016 run, I have to give one pundit credit. She proved pigs do fly on occasion.  Trudy Rubin, an outstanding columnist from the progressive rag The Philadelphia Inquirer was bold enough to write the truth (and there have been many times I have not agreed with Ms. Rubin and let her know. She's one of the few who will respond and take you on too. I respect that). In her piece this week, she wrote: "...Clinton produced no diplomatic breakthroughs nor any new strategic doctrine..." Later in her piece, she went on to write: "But she has no major foreign policy success." In my opinion, Rubin pointed out correctly that Hillary promoted "soft power." Yet, she also added, "we won't know how she {Hillary} would exercise hard power {if she became president}."
  • And keep in mind, reports regarding Benghazi made it very clear the f$%k up was the result of poor leadership and systemic failures. Yet, Hillary appears to be skating from that fiasco that resulted in the death of four great and brave Americans.

  • Last year, Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, wrote a book entitled, "The Price of Politics." Although it didn't get the coverage it should have, he wrote about Obama's arrogance and aloofness. Politico is reporting the same. According to Politico, there are democrats complaining of the same. Many perceive Obama as not cultivating the relationships with those from his own party let alone with Republicans. Folks, does this surprise anyone?
  • To many, there appears to be a disconnect between the pathetic economic numbers and the Wall Street. We're witnessing Wall Street numbers in the 14,000 range but retraction in the GDP. WTF? As one economist pointed out, those who rely on just looking at the Dow are "lazy, the amateurs, the armchair partisan economists."  For example, Terry Keenan points out that yes, the Dow is approaching 2007 levels, but unemployment in 2007 was 4.7%. That's a big difference between then and now. In fact, when looking around at businesses, few are still hiring, job security remains shaky at best and the middle class is contracting. In fact, of the jobs created since 2009, only 2% were middle class positions.

  • As the Super Bowl lost power last night, so did I. We lost TV, phone line service and the Internet during the second half of the game. Never came back on. Thank you Verizon Fios (but I have to give credit to those techs I called. They tried for over an hour). Power came back on the next morning. I listened to the game on radio. Kinda like listening to a baseball game in 1948. I know Beyonce is hot but she could not have burned up own lines? Could she?