Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Mindful Of The Use Of Language By Progressives; Should Obama Administration Be Allowed To Kill U.S. Citizens Who Work for al-Qaeda + Their Associates?; Parents of Boomers Were Healthier

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  • I like to study the use of language by progressives. In fact, conservatives should be mindful of the way they use language. For example, instead of saying the truth that they want amnesty for illegal immigrants; they prefer to use the phrase: a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. More recently, they are morphing the phrase "gun control" to "gun safety." They prefer to use the term "assault" weapons when assault weapons have been illegal in the U.S. for decades. When "assault" weapons is not used, they change it to "military type" weapons. They do the same with "tolerance" "diversity" and multiple other uses of language they know will persuade the stupids. But even more disturbing, changing language to uphold politically correct ideology can also be dangerous. 

  • Baby Boomers have been assaulted with information on how to either remain healthy or get healthier for many decades now. We've been told to watch what we eat, watch what we drink, don't smoke,  and exercise regularly, etc. etc. In fact, we have the likes of Mayor Bloomberg actually making laws restricting the use of certain foods and beverages. Yet, with all of these warnings, Baby Boomers are unhealthier than their parents. A new study by West Virginia University found Boomers are unhealthier than their parents' generation. How could that be? Many Boomers recall most of our parents smoking incessantly, eating foods full of fats, sugar and salt, and rarely exercising. For example, researchers found that 39% of Boomers are obese compared to 29% of adults in the previous generation. Boomers were also more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure and higher cholesterol readings than their parents. CBS
  • Harvard University found that men who watch more than 20 hours of TV a week have lower levels of sperm counts compared to men who watch TV less than 4 hours per week.

  • A big Hooah to a real hero. Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year old Paki school girl who stood up to the Taliban and was shot said she will continue her fight for girl's education. She continues to do well in a British hospital.
  • Developing: Dept. of Justice released a document that makes a legal case for whacking American citizens who are believed to be senior operational leaders of al-Qaeda and/or their associate groups. I've not had the time to review the entire report. But as anyone who reads me regularly knows, I agree with very little of what this administration does. However, on the surface, I don't have a problem with killing these kind of scumbags if it's proven they are a threat to our national security. Having said that, I want to read and listen to reviews by Constitutional attorneys before I come to any final analysis and conclusion. For example, one question that comes to my mind immediately: Does the president have the authority to do this?