Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Progressives Now Referring To Illegals as "Out of Status;" 7M To Lose Health Insurance Under ObamaCare; Hillary Clinton: One Of the Greats---Really?; Ground Zero Imam: Accused of Embezzlement

Report: Peanut Butter Contains Traces of Rat Feces But Life's Weird Like That Sometimes...The Onion

  • In my post yesterday I pointed how how progressives use language to divert our attention from the truth. As an example, I pointed out the language used in the illegal immigration debate. Instead of referring to illegal immigration; they use "undocumented immigrants." And Congressman John Conyers, one of the many in Congressional progressives dumber than a load of bricks, said this yesterday at a House Judiciary meeting: "I hope nobody uses the term illegal immigrants here today." Instead, he referred to illegal immigrants as "out of status." Folks, you can't make this sh!t up even if you tried.
  • As I wrote some weeks ago: we already have a pathway to citizens. It's called legal immigration.

  • The Congressional Budget Office reported today that over 7 million will lose their job-based insurance coverage. Oh, well, another promise broken.
  • Also, in my post this week, I reported on how the presstitute media and many Democrats have been praising Hillary Clinton for her work as Secretary of State even though her accomplishments were conspicuous by their absence. The NY Times called her a "rock star diplomat" while Obama said she would go down "as one of the finest secretaries of State we've had."  James S. Robbins of the American Foreign Policy Council wrote this today: "A great person does something game-changing. Clinton has not cleared that bar." In fact, he goes on to summarize some of the secretaries of State that deserve recognition for their game-changing tenure including Thomas Jefferson, who established the office. John Quincy Adams, George C. Marshall and Henry Kissinger just to name a few others.  He ended with this: "Clinton's backers do her no favors by trying to enshrine her in the pantheon of great secretaries of State."
  • Today Social Security reported we've hit another milestone. We now have a record number of Americans on disability at almost 9M.
  • Well, file this under "Karma." If you recall, there was a lot of controversy over a mosque opening at Ground Zero. Well, news comes out today that the Imam, the once leader of the mosque, is now accused of embezzlement. He allegedly used funds to buy lavish gifts for his honey, a sports car and took vacations around the globe. NY Post

  • Michelle Malkin on Sen. Menendez and his alleged sex and corruption scandal: "It's a corny-corruption scandal of sordid, soap-operatic proportions." By the way, that's Menendez and Corzine with Obama.