Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yo Matt Damon + Al Gore: Frack You!; Roaches, Root Canals, France, Traffic Jams Get Better Poll Numbers Than Congress; Bloomberg Still A Blooming Idiot About Guns

Man Returns To Work After Vacation With Fresh Reenergized Hatred For His Job...The Onion

  • I've spent several issues pointing out Al Gore's conspicuous hypocrisy (as also evidenced by  what his former staff at Current TV said about him---see yesterday's post).  Now comes Matt Damon and his Hollywood hypocrite nitwits with their movie, Promised Land. Putting aside the debate about hydraulic fracturing (e.g. whether it's impact is detrimental to the environment even though it's been around since 1947 with no major problems), the hypocrisy is specific to their sellout to the fossil fuel industry. Gore and Damon have been lecturing us about fossil fuel use for years yet Damon gets his financial backing for the film from oil rich Middle East countries. And, as reported this week, Gore sold his network to Al-Jazeera.

  • This news should surprise no one. Public Policy Polling found that cockroaches, colonoscopies, France, Lice and even Donald Trump get higher favorability ratings than Congress. For example, roaches edged out Congress 45 to 43%. Those polled preferred traffic jams to Congress 56-34%. And even used-car salesmen were overwhelmingly preferred to Congress 57-32%. Rats and other vermin were not polled.
  • It's also now official: the 112 Congress was the least productive in decades.
  • New York's Mayor Bloomberg chairs a group called, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Think about the name they chose for their group. Instead of Mayors Against Criminals With Illegal Guns, they focus is only on the illegal firearm. In fact, they also proclaim they want to stand up against the "gun lobby" instead of criminals with illegal guns.

  • As reported last week, confiscation of guns, even legal guns, is on the agenda in Congress and on the state levels. The Daily Caller is now reporting an Iowa congressmen is calling for just that. In addition, New York's Gov. Cuomo---another fake, phony and fraud---supported confiscation. As Ann Coulter reminded everyone several weeks ago: Registration, Confiscation and then Extermination. Think that's over the line? Then read history, e.g. 1939 Germany, Cold War Russia, 1970's Cambodia and more all have those three criteria in common.
  • Memo to American Jews: you overwhelmingly voted for Obama even after his tepid support of Israel (except when he was campaigning). And what did it get you? He's appointing someone with some very disturbing policies regarding Israel in Chuck Hagel. It's called Karma. 
  • For those Lefties who support Obama's decision to appoint John Brennan to head the CIA did you know the following: He was the architect of "enhanced interrogations" and the rendition program---the programs you wanted Bush impeached for implementing.  
  • I agree with some congressmen and women. Brennan should not get the position until he comes clean on his role regarding the Benghazi FUBAR.