Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Even Al Gore's Staff Despise Him; Hagel : Just Not Qualified; Staten Island Parents: We Want Armed Guards At Our Schools; An ObamaCare Tax Even Many Dems Hate

Some people are concerned about 2013 because of the number 13. As compared to those lucky years like 2011 and 2012...Leno

  • Yesterday I did a piece on Al Gore. Yes, in addition to his flagrant hypocrisy, I questioned his patriotism (Hey, I was writing what was on the minds of many Americans). Well, Linda Stasi of the NY Post has a great piece today. In short, Al Gore's former staff at "Current TV" hated him. One said, "We all know that Al Gore is nothing but a bullsh!ter." (Unfortunately many Americans---most on the political Left---fell for a guy I've been calling a fake, phony and fraud for years. With John F. Kerry, I add, "back stabbing fraud"). After Gore failed to show up for the meeting between Current and Al Jazeera, another staffer remarked, "Of course, Al didn't show up...He has no credibility." Wow! I just watched a pig fly across the front yard. Even Lefties have given up on this dishonorable, blood-sucking prick.
  • Chuck Hagel has to be given props for his combat service in Vietnam. No one is questioning his honor. I happen to be questioning his qualifications to be our next Secretary of Defense.  In addition, I also question his foreign policy posture. This is the same man who used the term "Jewish Lobby" as recently as 2006 when referring to the influence of Israel supporters (Big difference between using the term "Jewish Lobby" as opposed to "Israeli Lobby").  Even as USA Today points out (even though they support him) he's been soft on Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. On Iran, USA Today said he was "misguided."  But then again, what do you expect from a president who appointed John F. Kerry as Sect. of State, a man whose criticism of Vietnam veterans was destructive, damaging and hurtful?
  • Last night, the Staten Island Education Committee voted to demand that the city's schools be guarded by armed police officers.  The vote was 9-1. Smart folks.

  • Even many Democrats are having a hard time swallowing one of the taxes imposed by ObamaCare. The 2.3% excise tax on medical devices is causing many to take a double-take even among those who previously supported it. The tax affects things like pacemakers to tongue depressors. For example, the medical technology industry employs almost 400,000. Already a number of medical device companies have either laid off staff or are planning to do so. Medtronic in Minnesota  plans on letting over 1000 employees go. Stryker in Michigan plans on releasing almost 2000 staff. And, as one observer remarked, this tax will also put a damper of medical innovation because most medical devices are invented by small, venture-capital funded companies. Pacific Research Institute
  • Cancer Research Fund reported that children glued to TV and computer screens are at a higher risk of cancer and obesity. UK Mirror