Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Benghazi: Did Hillary Lie?; Proof: Progressives Have No Shame---Just Ask Charlie Rangel; American Taxpayers Now Funding Terrorists; PC Again Gone Mad

Shocked Dzhokar Tsarnaeu Always Thought Classmates Were Great Judges Of Character...The Onion

  • Not too many weeks ago, I wrote a piece entitled, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton." In short, I summarized her list of accomplishments. It was a short list considering there were none. In addition, her tenure as Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack left many questions unanswered. In fact, questions arose whether she was aware of the security threats prior to the attack (staff in-country warned the State Department on multiple occasions of continued security threats prior to the attack). Questions also arose as to who the person or persons were who came up with the claim an anti-Muslim film was responsible for the attack (later shown to be bogus). A report by the House Republicans yesterday found fault with the State Department and with Clinton's response. "Senior State Department officials knew that the threat environment in Benghazi was high and that the Benghazi compound was vulnerable," said the report. Hey, but what difference does it make at least according to Hillary?

  • You might recall that Rep. Charlie Rangel was censured by the House in 2010. He was charged with evading taxes (at the time, he was chair of the House Ways and Means Committee), not reporting income and assets, and several other charges. Charlie is now suing the Speaker of the House and others to have his 2010 censure overturned. Proof, once again, that progressives have no shame.
  • Betcha ya didn't know your tax dollars fund terrorists. Well, we do. The Boston Herald reported today that the older bombing suspect (killed during the gun battle with police) received welfare benefits. In addition, the paper reports his parents were also receiving government benefits.
  • As control tower staff are being furloughed due to sequestration (budget cuts), you should know the government spent $152K on voice therapy for transgenders. Drudge.

  • A story out of Philadelphia, once again, shows PC gone mad. If you are familiar with Philadelphia, it has an Italian Market in South Philly. It's been there since the turn of the last century. And from the name, you can surmise it's been in an Italian neighborhood throughout that entire time. According to an editorial in the progressive rag, The Philadelphia Inquirer, they now suggest the name of the market might be outdated since there are more Asians and Hispanics now in the area.  The editorial claims the name should be changed for "anthropological" accuracy. Folks, I know the market well. I lived in Philly for 4 decades. South Philly---where the market is located---is an Italian neighborhood. And most of the merchants are still Italian.  PC gone mad.