Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Presstitute Narrative About The Boston Bombings: What's The Big Deal?; Is Obama A Vengeful President?

Matt Drudge on the flight delays because of furloughed air traffic controllers: How about some shared sacrifice and delay take offs of Air Force One.

  • Now we're seeing a very disturbing narrative coming out of the progressive side of the political isle regarding the Boston bombings. Chris Mathews (always one for making a complete fool of himself) said what difference does it make if the Boston bombers were motivated by Islam? Yo dick wad, it makes a difference to the thousands who have been murdered by radical Islamists and their families.
  • These are the same creeps and their enablers who, as John Podhoretz wrote so well about today {"A Beautiful, Beautiful Terrorist"}, keep referring to these two as "beautiful" boys. and "very polite."
  • These two domestic terrorists also teach us all another lesson. Just because some immigrants become citizens, it does not mean they share American values.
  • We have a president who keeps counseling us on not rushing to judgement every time radical Jihadists attack innocents (about 99% of terrorist activities) yet, as I pointed out yesterday, their immediate speculation is that the right is responsible.
  • And for those who keep proclaiming these two bombers were only amateurs, in addition to killing four innocent people and maiming dozens of others, they managed to shut down a major American city for an entire week.

  • For many of these people who continue to be in denial, they fear Islamophobia more than they fear real radical Islamist terror. In fact, Ralph Peters who has been writing about terrorism for over two decades now, points out that Chechen terrorists make Mexican drug cartels look like Franciscans. If you recall, they carried out some of the most horrific terror actions in history. One involved taking a school hostage in 2004, and it resulted in the death of almost 400 many of those children. In 2002, they took hostages in a Moscow theatre that left almost 200 people dead.

  • "This is the first known al-Qaeda plan or attack that we've experienced," Royal Canadian Police spokesperson. For years, we've been told the Islamists hate America for a variety of reasons (all bogus). So what the hell do they have against Canada for God's sake?
  • During the sequestration debate, I pointed out that the cuts made by the Obama administration spread misery to largely the poor and middle class. He did it again with the furloughs of the air traffic controllers. I couldn't help but ask myself: Is Obama a vengeful president? Politics can often be all about vengeance. However, I don't think we've ever witnessed an American president who spread so much misery among average Americans (perhaps one can make a case for Jimmy Carter too).
  • The Obama administration and many Democrats won't like this news: According to the new USA Today Poll, support for new gun-control legislation fell below 50%. Forty-nine percent now favor stricter gun laws.