Monday, April 1, 2013

The Deafening Silence Of Presstitute Media On Islamist Cleansing Of Christians; The Myth Of the Arab Spring Continues; The Texting Dead; 23 Shot In Chicago Over Easter Weekend

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  • On this Easter Monday, I read a piece about the conspicuous silence of many in the presstitute media regarding the Islamist and Jihadist cleansing of Christians throughout the Middle East. Yet, when a mosque is defaced or there's some yo-yo who attacks Muslims, it makes news here. In fact, Holder's Justice Department can't wait to take action. For example,  how many people know attacks upon Christians in the Middle East have escalated to such an extent that one has to scratch his chin in wonder why our media is in denial? During just one week alone in March from the 16th to the 22nd, there were 57 Jihad attacks leaving 337 dead and almost 700 injured (some of whom have probably died). Many of these attacks have been against Christians, Jews and Muslims as well(and add women to the insane mix). Since 9/11/01, there have been over 20,000 recorded Jihadist attacks world-wide. In Iraq, the Christian population is half of what it was just a decade ago. In Syria, Islamist attack Christians on a daily basis. Two-thirds of the West Bank and Gaza Christians have been driven out in recent years. In Egypt, with one of the largest populations of Christians (10 million Copts), they have been relegated to third-class citizens. In Iran, Turkey and Saudia Arabia, Christians are conspicuous by their absence. The Religion of Peace and Ralph Peters
  • If you need some more perspective, consider this: More people have been killed by Islamist each year than in the 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition (Wikipedia). More civilians were killed on 9/11 than in the 36 years of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. University of Ulster

  • Most of the reporting on Islamist violence is done almost exclusively in the foreign press. For example, it was Israeli National News (Channel 7) that reported on Muslims hurling rocks at Jews at the Temple Mount last week. Also last week, 36 Christians were murdered in Nigeria. News 24 In Sudan, Christians are bombed by Sudanese government air strikes.  Morning Star News. Get the picture? By the way, I can spend pages, upon pages listing these sorts of attacks upon Christians that take place world-wide on a daily basis.
  • Progressives continue to remain delusional and silent. For example, the European Union (largely dominated by progressives) still refuses to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Their philosophy remains: If we're nice to them; they will be nice to us. Dummies.
  • One fact is certain. Our media attempted to describe what is occurring in the Middle East as the "Arab Spring." And, as I've written so often, that was and still is a myth.
  • How bad has texting become? According to studies now, we're addicted to the dopamine squirt of getting a text put so well by Kyle Smith. One study found we now consume three times as much information as we did in 1960. The question is: has it dumbed us down or made us smarter? I contend "The Texting Dead" is making more of us knuckleheads.
  • In case you've missed the news this morning: illegal border crossings have doubled since the debate about amnesty started. Townhall

  • And in Rham's Chicago, where gun control laws are some of the strictest in the nation, 23 people were shot over the Easter Weekend. No report on how many bunny rabbits were shot at either.