Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Question That Must Be Answered: Why Are Ft. Hood Victims Being Denied Purple Hearts?' Former Weather Underground Creep---Boudin--- Now Columbia Prof: Where's The Outrage?

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  • After the attack on 9/11, the victims of that terrorist attack were compensated an average of $1.8 million. That fund was separate from the September 11 Fund. Yet, to date, the 148 victims (pictured above are those who were killed) of the Ft. Hood shooting by Nidal Hasan have not received any compensation nor have they been awarded Purple Hearts. The reason: The government and the U.S. Army continues to treat the incident as "workplace violence."  The shootings at Ft. Hood were no more "workplace violence" than 9/11 was a "man-caused disaster" as Investors.com editorialized so brilliantly.  The only difference was one of degree---obviously more Americans perished on 9/11. But victims of both attacks were victims of terrorism. Even more of a disgrace, one of the victims, SSgt. Shawn Manning, was shot six times but was denied benefits that would have accrued to any other soldier injured in an act of terror or overseas combat.
  • So what only conclusion can we come too? The government wants us to believe awarding Ft. Hood victims with Purple Hearts would jeopardize the chance of a fair trial for Nasan. The truth is---as it almost always is---it's about money.

  • In another story---that could almost be related to the one above---Kathy Boudin, a former Weather Underground radical, is now a professor at Columbia University. Now, keep this in mind. This creep spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that left two police officers and one security guard dead. To add insult to injury, she was also named a Scholar-in-Residence at NYU's LAW SCHOOL! The image above shows the company she kept. Some of the names might be familiar to you for obvious reasons.
  • Supporters of ObamaCare continue to want us to believe it will save us money especially when it comes to expanding the health care exchanges and putting more people on Medicaid. I'll leave you with this stat: In 1990, Medicaid expenditures were almost $74 billion. Today they are over $400 billion or an increase of 445%. In addition, caseloads increased 135% or from 23 million to over 53 million.  So if you believe ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion will save us money, the Easter Bunny just left town. USA Today