Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Progressives Love Affair With Dangerous Radicals; Christians Being Slaughtered World-Wide; A Liberal Columnist Criticizes ObamaCare; Is N. Korea Really A Threat?

President Obama Asked Congress For $100 Million To Map The Human Brain. If Anyone Needs A Map To Find Their Brain, It's Congress...Leno

  • As reported yesterday, Columbia University made Kathy Boudin an adjunct professor (she's also a Scholar-in-Residence at NYU's LAW SCHOOL). To summarize her background, this creep was in prison for 22 years for her role in an armored car robbery in 1981 that left two police officers and a guard dead. They were gunned down in cold blood. In fact, Eric Fettman wrote a piece in the NY Post in 2003 where he outlined Boudin's role in domestic terrorism. According to Fettmann, she was "personally involved in a least a dozen bombings across the country." These included the Pentagon, NYPD headquarters and several other targets.
  • But to give you some idea how utterly insane Columbia is, consider this. In 1970, Boudin planned on bombing the library at COLUMBIA.
  • The actions of Columbia University and other progressive shrines should not surprise anyone. Consider the heroes of most progressives: Stalin, Che, Castro and Hugo Chavez. All tyranTs. Most murderers.

  • Several posts ago, I wrote a piece about Islamist "cleansing" Christians around the globe. Coincidentally, Kirsten Powers, a USA TODAY Board of Contributors member, wrote a similar piece today. Entitled, "Middle East Christians Need Our Protection: Religious Persecution Is A Global Problem." It actually reads similar to what I wrote several days ago. She points out correctly that "Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world." (A statement attributed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year). Powers reviewed a just released book entitled, Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians by authors from the Hudson Institute. In it, the authors catalog the torture, rape, imprisonment and murder of Christians in the Middle East. "Massacres are taking place for no reason and without any justification against Christians. It is only because they are Christians," said Amin Gemayel, former president of Lebanon. And yet, we hear little from our press about this slaughter of Christians. We also hear little from other Christians.
  • Well, I actually think hell froze over. Joe Klien, a liberal Time columnist and a long-time apologist for anything any progressive does wrong, actually took Obama to task for ObamaCare. In particular he blames the Obama administration for being BEHIND schedule in the implementation of the health care act. In fact, he went on to blame the administration for their "inability to govern." Joe, you are late to the dance.

  • I have no idea if N. Korea is a real threat to us. I do know that Kim Jung Un, its leader, is a certifiable whack-job. Having said all that, when one reads many of the headlines this week regarding N. Korea, its actions and apparent intentions---to nuke us---perhaps we should take his threat seriously. Thankfully, it appears we are.
  • Since Obama became president, the FBI is reporting over 70 million background checks for gun purchases have been completed. Over the same period while Bush was president, 30 million were conducted.